DDG Tells Fan To Mind Their Business Over Claims Of Being A Dad

DDG appeared to have reached a breaking point following recent rumors concerning his relationship with Halle Bailey.

The rapper hopped on Snapchat on Sunday (December 31) to answer a series of questions from fans, one of whom asked him whether he had a daughter.

DDG Denies Having A Daughter

DDG, typically known for his humorous demeanor, appeared rather irritated by the question and asked his fans to stop overstepping other people’s boundaries.

He answered the question with a simple “No,” and then went on to elaborate his response. The ‘Impatient’ artist expressed his frustration over fans who are overly invested in celebrities, particularly his relationship with Bailey.

“Bro, I don’t know why people [are] so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on… mind your business,” he said.

But his message didn’t end there. DDG continued by encouraging people to focus their attention on more important things in life other than what famous people have going on in their personal lives.

He stressed that whatever was going on in his or Bailey’s private life ultimately wasn’t anybody else’s business, nor was it going to change their life, indicating that he would prefer if fans stopped speculating about their relationship.

“So invested in people who don’t know you. I ain’t gon’ lie, like, I love my supporters and s**t, but in real life, bruh, I don’t know y’all,” he said, clearly annoyed by the questions about him and his longtime girlfriend.

“That’s just the truth. You guys, just let me live my life… Whatever’s going on in my life or her life, bro, is not going to change yours. Let’s focus on ourselves [in] 2024. Let’s try to lock in ourselves, not other people. Please, mind your business.”

His response to the question of whether he had a daughter comes just days after the couple went viral over a widespread rumor they had quietly welcomed a baby together.

DDG And Halle Bailey Went Viral With Their Christmas Videos

On Monday (December 25), the pair live-streamed their Christmas festivities with friends and family. In one specific clip, however, fans noticed Bailey, who’d been making cookies with her beau, carefully rise from the table and slowly walk out of the camera frame.

The fact that Bailey had also been absent from numerous press events in support of her new movie, ‘The Color Purple,’ and her noticeable preference for comfier clothes that hid her mid-section in recent months, have led fans to do a lot of speculating.

When the video of Bailey leaving the table started making its rounds on X, she and DDG began trending on the social platform. This sparked even more interest in the rumor, with some people going as far as to rewatch the live stream in search of other supposed clues.

That’s when another post went viral of what seems to be a baby crying in the background before someone repeatedly urged the cameras to be cut.

Neither of them has confirmed or denied claims of having welcomed a baby, and judging by DDG’s response on Snapchat, he won’t be addressing the rumor anymore.

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