Deontay Wilder’s Fiancée Granted Restraining Order Against Him

Deontay Wilder‘s ex-fiancée was granted a restraining order after making shocking domestic violence allegations.

TMZ reports that Telli Swift accused the boxer of abusing her on several occasions in a six-year span.

Shocking Allegations Against Deontay Wilder

Telli applied for a temporary restraining order last week, and a judge granted it on Monday, June 3. The ruling came down two days after Wilder was knocked out by Zhilei Zhang in the ring.

The temporary restraining order states that Deontay can’t come within 100 feet of Telli and their six-year-old child until June 25. A judge will rule on what should happen next on that date.

She made multiple explosive claims against the boxer, including accusations of physical and mental abuse. Swift alleges Wilder choked her multiple times since 2018. She claimed it occurred “at least five times.”

Furthermore, she stated her ex-partner has spat on her several times. Moreover, she said that she almost “suffocated” when he shoved her face into a pillow.

Additionally, Telli claimed Wilder had humiliated her digitally. She stated that Deontay gained access to her laptop and sent alarming messages to the people in her contacts — both personal and professional.

Telli Is Terrified Wilder Will Harm Her Upon Overseas Return

Swift and Wilder began dating in 2015. The boxing superstar and Telli got engaged in 2018. Swift explained that Deontay forced her out of their Atlanta home in April 2024. At the time, she claimed a recent surgery had left her in a fragile state.

Telli and their daughter have reportedly been living in their California crib since. However, she stated that Wilder uses the surveillance system to monitor her. Additionally, Swift is terrified that he will become violent after he returns from overseas—Wilder fought Zhang in Saudi Arabia.

Telli said, “I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past.”

Deontay Wilder has not responded to the domestic violence claims.

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