Devin Haney Goes IN On Ryan Garcia After Failed Drug Test

Less than two weeks ago, Ryan Garcia was popping his chest over his “W” in the boxing match against Devin Haney. On Wednesday (May 1), he filmed a sit-down video to shut down reports of a failed drug test.

Less than 24 hours later, Devin is calling him out for disrespecting the “fans and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty.”

Here’s what went down, Roomies.

Reports State THIS, While Ryan Garcia Says…

ESPN reportedly obtained a letter from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association. The note states that Garcia tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug the day before the April 20 fight.

The test involved collecting two urine samples. Sample A tested positive for ostarine and screened positive for 19-norandrosterone, per ESPN. Garica reportedly has  10 days to request testing on his B-sample.

He shared a video late Wednesday insisting that cheating and performance-enhancing steroids are beyond him! Garcia claimed that he was being attacked and questioned why the results didn’t come out sooner.

“I’ve never taken a steroid in my, I don’t even know where to get steroids at the end of the day. I barely take supplements.”

Watch what he said below. 

Over on X tho, Ryan took his usual trolling tone with the subject, even suggesting that the “lie” was created after he was spotted with Donald Trump.

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Devin Haney Drags Ryan For Disrespecting Fans & Sport Of Boxing

Meanwhile, Devin was far from laughing in the statement he provided to ESPN on Thursday. He slammed Ryan for being disrespectful to the fans and boxing by “fighting dirty.”

“…It’s unfortunate that Ryan cheated and disrespected both the fans and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty and breaking positive not once, but twice.”

Devin suggested that Ryan owes fans an apology and accused Garcia of making a joke of the situation with his X posts. Haney also reminded everyone of the most extreme downside to their jobs–dying in the ring.

“This puts the fight in a completely different light. Despite the disadvantage, I still fought on my shield and got back up! People die in this sport. This isn’t a joking matter.”

Devin & Garcia’s Recent History

As mentioned, Garcia was far from humble about his win over Haney. He won by majority decision. Outside the ring, he went viral with reactions to flooring Devin three times and trolling Devin over the loss.

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Garcia had openly bragged about missing weight and drinking, but this week, his tune gave the “Just Say No” campaign energy!

Late Wednesday, Devin shared his first X post since April 21. The last post said, “Same way you dish be able to take it…I will be back InshaAllah.” 

In yesterday’s post, he called Allah the “ultimate planner.”

Over on Instagram Story though, he let the petty flag fly a lil’ bit.

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