Devin Haney Reacts Amid Ryan Garcia Trolling Over Boxing Win

Ryan Garcia had an unexpected victory against Devin Haney at the Barclay’s Center on Saturday (April 20). And the boxer immediately continued to troll Haney outside the ring over the W when Haney humbly accepted his L.

ESPN reports the win came after Garcia knocked down his opponent three times, handing Haney his first loss.

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Details About The Garcia-Haney Fight

Ryan and Devin fought intensely, leaving fans and commentators’ jaws on the floor. As previously reported by The Shade Room, Ryan’s antics were drawing concern leading up to the match, and many people, including Haney, did not “know if he was taking the fight seriously or not.”

That video became a viral meme on Sunday following the April 20 match.

There was a majority decision on Ryan’s win. One judge gave them an even score of 112-112 but was overruled by the other two scores of 115-109 and 114-110. Although Garcia was victorious, he did not walk away with a title.

The Los Alamitos, CA native missed weight. Instead of meeting the 140-pound limit, he weighed in at 143.2. Consequently, Devin will keep his title of WBC Junior Welterweight Champion. Additionally, Garcia owes Devin $500,000 for every pound he was overweight, resulting in a debt of $1.5 million.

What Ryan Garcia Said After Winning Against Devin Haney

During the post-fight interview, Garcia credited God with his victory, stating his powerful punch was a blessing from God. Ryan added that he wasn’t crazy and said his win was for the children.

In March, he posted a video making allegations that kids were being sexually assaulted, murdered, and disappearing, per Daily Mail.

In the ring, he said, “You guys do not love the truth. I put my f****** reputation on the line for all the kids in the world.” He added, “Everybody’s f****** staying quiet but me.” 

Meanwhile, after leaving the ring, Garcia fired off taunting posts about his win on X. He shared a voice recording titled, “Told you I would.”


Ryan trolled Devin’s alleged lack of a girlfriend and his PRIME — a sports drink brand — sponsorship, encouraging people not to drink it.

Garcia said he found his win after all his trolling “hilarious.”

Devin Haney Reacts To His Loss

Meanwhile, Devin Haney took to X to thank Allah for the experience.

“Alhamdulillah Allah is the perfect planner he makes no mistakes.. fought like a true champion. Got up off the canvas & kept fighting. I am 100% ok & would love to do it again while we both make weight,” Devin wrote.

In a follow-up post, he denied that his jaw was broken, as Ryan claimed.

Lastly, Devin seemed to address Ryan’s post-fight trolling.

“Same way you dish be able to take it,” Devin said.

Most recently, Ryan Garcia told fans he was headed to Miami to celebrate his win!

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