Diamond Drops Receipts After Scrappy Disses Her For Erica Dixon

Someone get Momma Dee on the line because it’s getting messy in the kingdom! Lil Scrappy has Diamond dropping receipts on social media after he seemingly dissed her in defense of Erica Dixon.

Diamond Questions Why Erica Dixon Is “So Invested” In Scrappy

To backtrack, Diamond has a forthcoming sit-down with Carlos King. In the preview trailer, released today, Diamond spoke about being the first pick for the OG ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL’ cast.

Diamond started the edited preview by saying:

“At this point, the gloves is off ’cause I’m not finna keep letting y’all play with me. I don’t start nothing, so I’m not going to let Erica Dixon or anybody tarnish that.” 

Carlos followed up by asking Diamond if she feels “responsible” for Erica “eating” off of the series. The Crime Mob rapper then bragged about being production’s first choice before rejecting the offer.

“You know that they wanted me first, and I turned it down. Ask yourself that question,” Diamond said. Adding, “You know Scrap said that he wanted to bring her on board, you know, on the show…give her some coins in her pocket, that’s fine.” 

As the preview clip began winding down, Diamond’s insults toward Erica kept coming!

“But you have no motion, your story’s been under renovation for how long. You’re not getting booked. You was never the main chick, you was always number two. I got the ring first. Why are you so invested in your first baby daddy, when you should be trying to figure out what’s going on with your second baby daddy? Or why you had these kids knowing he was in a relationship with a whole other woman?” 

When asked if she’s in a love triangle with Scrappy and Erica, Diamond seemingly didn’t answer — just smirked.

Watch the trailer below to see how Diamond also didn’t spare Bambi.

Scrap Responds To Diamond’s Diss, Diamond Reacts By Dropping Receipts

After the trailer went live, Scrappy hopped into the comment section with a lil’ diss of his own for Diamond. He commented, “Somebody mad cause Scrap dnt wanna be with them,” adding a laughing emoticon.

Diamond wasted no time clapping back at Scrappy! Sis shared a video of him wishing her a Merry Christmas and screenshots of their text messages. In the text, he tells her he loves her, encourages her to “enjoy” her life, and “love on [her] son” before adding that he got her a holiday gift. He reiterated his words in the video clip, calling her face “beautiful.”

Meanwhile, in another screenshot of their text messages, Diamond seemingly accused Scrappy of not being a changed man. Still, she gave him permission (on Dec. 31) to take her son Princeton to an event on the rapper’s birthday (Jan. 19.)

Swipe below to peep Diamond’s receipts.

Erica Dixon hasn’t entered the chat yet with a clapback, but she has been cozying up to Scrappy for weeks. In fact, Dixon and Scrappy have been linked in public on several occasions — from spending time in Hawaii during her birthday to attending the Usher residency show, to a spa date and even bringing in the new year with a lil’ bump and grind!

However, the co-parents’ rekindled romance came after Scrappy had already sparked rumors of spinning the block on Diamond. Months after attending an award show together in June, Diamond shared a video of Scrappy making her breakfast in his crib.

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Meanwhile, Diamond doubled down on her comments, commenting on Carlos’ Instagram tease. She clarified that she’s the one who doesn’t want Scrappy!

“Just speaking my truth. NEVER BITTER. I need my 20% at this point 😂 cause I sat out 11 years and allowed them to eat off my name, so NO MORE CHARITY Work! He on my line Forever and Always hits me First. I don’t need him or Want him! Standing on Business All 2024.” 

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