Diamond Explains Why She Had An Abortion With Lil Scrappy

In the trailer for her Carlos King interview, Diamond seemed to be on a thousand while speaking on her ex-fiancé Lil Scrappy and the mothers of his children.

With the full sit-down out as of Jan. 9, fans saw a vulnerable side of the Crime Mob rapper. Diamond spoke openly about deciding to have an abortion while dating Scrappy.

Diamond Says An Abortion Felt Like The “Best Decision” For Her At The Time

The procedure took place either before or after she had experienced a “traumatizing” miscarriage at three months pregnant. A tattoo on her hand shows that the miscarried child was supposed to be born on Oct. 26, 2007. She blamed the incident on “relationship” and “industry stress.”

Carlos and the ‘Knuck If You Buck’ star touched on the sensitive topic about 17 minutes into the hour-plus interview. As for having an abortion, Diamond admitted it’s something she’s “not happy about” and deals with “every day.”

“At that time, I felt that this was the best decision that I felt I was making,” Diamond shared. “So, to see women be able to get pregnant and be on stage, to really have a relationship and be open about dating, that was so unheard of. You had a boyfriend, you got pregnant your career was over. You cut off.”

Though she didn’t name-drop anyone, the Atlanta rapper said someone “in a sense” told her to get an abortion. She added that there was “so much money that was at stake,” given that she and Scrap were at the “height of [their] career.” Diamond added that they were touring six days a week at the time and only came home on Sundays to re-pack and do it all over again.

Still, Scrappy allegedly didn’t take the pregnancy’s end too lightly. Diamond suggested that they’ve spoken about it, and it feels like he’s still angry with her behind it.

“He was devastated. He still carries that hurt, he’s still angry with me in a sense for that and allowing the industry to, but you know, I was afraid, and he was doing his thing. I thought I would be home with a baby. My career would be over, he’d just be doing his thing like he was already doing his thing. But I knew that he would be a great father. Hands down, we know he’s a great father, he loves his kids. Still, at the end of the day, everything is left up to Mommy, you can come and go, it’s really left up to mom to do everything.”

Diamond explained that she’s a very hands-on mother. It’s a parenting method she picked up from her own mom and applies while mothering her seven-year-old Princeton from a different relationship. She called her little one the “love of her life” and “best friend.”

Watch her comments below.

Lil Scrappy Responds After Diamond Takes Shots At Erica Dixon

As previously reported, Diamond made waves with the interview trailer after she seemed to target Erica Dixon and Bambi. She revealed that she was the first pick for the ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL’ debut season before rejecting the offer.

She also questioned why Erica seems overly invested in Scrappy and not the father of her twin daughters. This comes amid multiple public and presumed romantic outings between Dixon and Scrappy — from concert and spa dates to bringing in 2024 together.

When Scrappy clapped back, suggesting Diamond was mad that he didn’t want her, she dropped receipts saying otherwise.

He remained mum online after that, and, for now, so have Erica and Bambi.

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