DJ Vlad Apologizes To Princeton Professor For Threatening Job

Black X has not been letting up on DJ Vlad since he threatened a Princeton professor’s job on Saturday (May 4). He and Morgan Jerkins exchanged words on the social platform after she attempted to center Black people in conversations about Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s rap beef.

Two days after walking back his threats to report her, DJ Vlad apologized for his actions.

“After considerable reflection, I would like to apologize to @MorganJerkins for tagging her job in my replies during our Twitter exchange last weekend,” he wrote on X.

As previously reported, Vlad didn’t take it too well when Morgan Jerkins pointed out that he was a white man intruding in a Black space. He clapped back, tagging Princeton repeatedly and insisting that she likely silences non-Black students in her class. He also accused her of spewing “ignorant and bigoted comments.”

By Monday, though, he clarified that he had no intentions of reporting her — despite his five-plus Princeton-tagged posts.

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Professor Morgan Jerkins has yet to respond to the apology on her X feed. Her last post on the platform — at the time this article was published — was on May 7. It highlighted two recent nominations for her debut short film ‘Black Madonna.’

She already rejected his clarification on Monday, so another rejection is likely, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Social Media Reacts To DJ Vlad’s Apology

Meanwhile, within five hours of going live, DJ Vlad’s post collected over 860,000 views, more than 2,600 reposts, and 1,500 comments — and it’s climbing!

Both white and Black-identifying X users seemed to continue flaming Vlad for his actions against Jerkins.

@ericriveracooks responded, “translation: “I saw a significant reduction in my future earning abilities and have come to the conclusion that I need to apologize and hope nobody notices, and if this doesn’t work, I will blame cancel culture and be dj republican.” 

@rosesfortywild added, “Since you’re always in Black people’s business, you should know that we only accept apologies through reparations.”

@citizenstewart dubbed the apology, saying, “Nah, bruh. When you played that card, you lose your hand.” 

@Tuesday_Antwi also rejected Vlad’s sorry. He said, “Absolutely not. You tried to take a conversation that was very surface-level to someone’s place of employment. You need to exit our spaces immediately.” 

@JxOnTheKeyz offered the podcaster some advice, “If you can’t take a non-threatening criticism, hip hop is not the arena for you. Journalist or not u should know this. Keep it, player Vlad.” 

And so did@Swift601, adding, “Respect the apology, but you still out!!!! Found another niche and you will do will. But you was a visitor to the Culture. You pass has expired!!!! And the ones saying it’s cool, just want an interview so you see what they are about!!!!” 

@AJ_Lusby wrote, “Noticed you didn’t say flat out you were wrong. Apologizing is one thing… admitting you were wrong is another. “After Considerable reflection” sounds more like unexpected backlash. Take a class and learn from your mistakes. @MorganJerkins you are Queen ❤️.”

Wpabnizzlmynzl joked, “Princeton laughed at you, didn’t they?” 

And, of course, there were memes among the thousands of replies.


Still, there were some who seemingly applauded the podcaster for apologizing.



Vlad has continued to promote his personal projects on his X timeline, seemingly ignoring the flood of apology reactions.

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