Donald Trump Drops By An Atlanta Chick-fil-A

Donald Trump dropped into an Atlanta Chick-fil-A en route to a fundraiser on Wednesday (April 10).

11 Alive reports, that the former president touched ground in the Peach State around noon and popped in at the restaurant chain’s Vine City location.

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People seemed to be surprised and delighted to see the 77-year-old. The 2024 Republican nominee popped in at the Atlanta Vine City location at 875 Martin Luther King Drive.

He chatted with patrons and staff and posed for photos with those who requested. Additionally, the former president ordered 30 milkshakes and passed them out to restaurant guests.

Roomies React To Donnie’s Restaurant Visit

The Roommates weighed in on The Shade Room’s Instagram report. One commenter could not believe people’s reaction when they saw Donald.

@naturalchix wrote, “Why they so happy to see him tho?”

@mg_b23 added, “Here’s an example of how black folks talk about someone online then meet them in person 😂 they cheesing hard ah.”

@77toria didn’t see an issue with those present being gleeful, “Not gonna lie, even tho I can’t stand the man I’d get a picture too lolll.”

Others commented on what they would have done if they had been at the restaurant.

“On my step daddy I would have threw a milkshake at his ahh,” @flossthemack quipped.

Trump’s Fundraising & Legal Trouble

The fundraiser luncheon that Trump was headed to follows a highly successful one in Florida, raising $50 million. He doubled the amount Joe Biden raised in the state. Former Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are slated to host the Atlanta event. In addition to Lt. Governor Burt Jones, 11 Alive reports.

Judge Scott McAfee recently rejected Trump’s request to throw out the 2020 election RICO case, citing the First Amendment. Additionally, Fani Willis, Fulton County DA, filed a response to deny Trump’s request with the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Despite his legal woes, Donnie has his eyes on the presidential prize.


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