Donald Trump Pressures Republicans To Pass Law To Protect Him

Donald Trump is pressuring Republicans to pass legislation that will guarantee he will not be prosecuted if he becomes president.

Rolling Stone reports the 77-year-old is convinced that if re-elected, state prosecutors won’t suspend their mission to send him to the pen. Therefore, he wants the law on his side.

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Donald Trump Urges Republicans To Pass New Law To Protect Him

The legislation that Donnie hopes will pass will protect former presidents from non-federal prosecutions. Sources told the outlet that Trump has spoken to several Republican lawmakers about the potential law, including politicos on Capitol Hill. These conversations have reportedly been occurring over the past few months.

The former President hinted at his plans last week in NYC. Trump was standing outside of the courtroom for his hush money trial when he stated there needs to be “laws to stop things like this.”

Trump is allegedly Deebo-ing Republicans to pass the law. He stressed the importance of signing the bill when he reaches the White House gain. Donald is pretty confident that he will regain his role as the leader of the free world.

Social Media Reacts To Trump’s Proposal

The majority of those commenting under The Shade Room’s report are side-eying Trump for his efforts.

“Imagine if president Obama would’ve done that…. They would have crucified him. The privilege,” @butterflylady said.

Another Roomie surmised that his attempts to add this law were an indication of guilt.

@snook____ said, “If you’re innocent you don’t need immunity.”

@annie.alice547 stated she felt this was a narcissistic move and that things would only become worse in the United States.

“Some ppl think this is a game. Does anyone get how narcissistic this is??? If he gets back into presidency, he’s never leaving. He will turn into a dictatorship. This suggestion is the start. There is a reason for checks and balances,” she wrote.

@antoniojavar quipped, “This man do not care about America. He trying to stay out of Jail. He said damn the law.”

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