Donald Trump Wins GOP Primary In Nikki Haley’s Home State

Roommates, Donald Trump has won the Republican Party’s primary in Nikki Haley’s home state, South Carolina. He is now one step closer to becoming the GOP’s presidential nominee. 

According to the Associated Press, Trump is nabbing the Republican states up like ‘Infinity’ stones. Trump has been victorious in every contest that has counted for Republican delegates despite his numerous criminal charges. South Carolina adds to his wins in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Donald Trump Or Nikki Haley? More To Come!

The primaries are about winning 1,215 to 2,429 delegates to secure the nomination before March’s end. CNN reports that Haley had 17 delegates while Trump had 63 delegates as they headed into the South Carolina primary.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are reportedly pressuring Haley to leave the race. But Mrs. Nikki is not budging despite losing the state she governed for six years.

The presidential hopefuls haven’t made it halfway through the primaries yet, leaving Haley time to catch up. According to CNN, the former U.N. ambassador believes Super Tuesday could put her back in the game. If successful, she could grab 850 delegates, which is 35% of the Republican total.

This primary will be held before any of Trump’s four criminal trials are set to begin. Surprisingly, analysts believe the controversial politician’s cases won’t adversely affect his votes in any primary.

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A rematch between Trump and Presidential Joe Biden seems more likely than Haley facing off with the current head of state. The diplomat stated she will remain in the race at least until March 5, Super Tuesday, in hopes that she can slow Trump’s momentum.

The former governor argued at several campaign stops that Trump’s former indictments will be his Achilles heels in a race against Biden, but the Republicans haven’t been buying in.

Only four candidates who make it to their home state primaries have lost their states since 2004 — and only two remain in the race.

Nikki will seemingly dust herself off and try again as many times as needed, continuing her fight to prevent Donnie from taking the GOP nomination.

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