Donald Trump’s $9,000 Court Fine In New York Trial

Donald Trump took an L on Tuesday (April 30) when a judge held him in contempt.

According to the Associated Press, Donald had repeatedly violated a gag order that barred him from making public statements about witnesses, jurors, and some others connected to his New York hush-money case. If he violates that stipulation again, he faces jail time, per the judge.

In addition to being held in contempt of court, Donald was fined $9,000 for the violation. He has to pay the fine by the close of business on Friday.

The judge also ordered him to delete the offending posts from his Truth Social account and campaign website, which he already did.

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More Details About Donald Trump’s Court Development

Prosecutors had alleged that Trump violated the gag order at least ten times. However, New York Judge Juan M. Merchan found nine violations in total.

Up to this point, Trump has been very vocal about exercising his free speech rights. While the judge agreed to such protection, his ruling also serves as a reminder that Donnie is a criminal defendant subject to trial procedures, per AP.

“It is critically important that defendant’s legitimate free speech rights not be curtailed, that he be able to fully campaign for the office which he seeks and that he be able to respond and defend himself against political attacks,” Judge Merchan said.

However, the judge made it clear that Donald should not and will not ignore court rulings such as the gag order. The court, per Merchan, will not allow “willful violations of its lawful orders.” 

“…if necessary and appropriate under the circumstances, [the court] will impose an incinerator punishment,” the judge added.

While the judge read the ruling, Donald reportedly stared down at the table in front of him and slightly frowned. The former president did not respond to reporters’ shouted inquiries about the fine in the courthouse hallway as court resumed for the afternoon.

Note that this isn’t Trump’s first experience with gag orders or fines for violating them. During his civil fraud trial, gag orders were also imposed, per AP. After the court found that Donald had violated those orders, he reportedly paid more than $15,000 in fines.

Why Is The Former President On Trial Now?

This week marked week two of testimonies in what’s being nicknamed Trump’s “hush money” trial.

Manhattan prosecutors are arguing that Trump and his associates took part in an illegal scheme to influence the 2016 presidential campaign by purchasing and then burying unpleasant stories.

At least three people received payouts,  including a doorman, former Playboy model Karen McDougal, and former adult entertainment worker Stormy Daniels. Karen reportedly accused Donald of an affair, while Stormy alleged a sexual encounter. Trump has pleaded not guilty and says the stories are all fake.

Meanwhile, Judge Merchan was also weighing other alleged gag-order violations by Trump and will hear arguments Thursday.

Speaking of gags! Early Tuesday, the innanet streets chit-chatted about Kendrick Lamar gagging Drake with his response diss titled, ‘Euphoria.’

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Associated Press staff Michael R. Sisak, Jennifer Peltz, Jake Offenhartz, and Colleen Long contributed to this report.

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