Drake & Meek Mill Blast YSL Judge After Leaked Young Thug Call

Drake and Meek Mill are sharing words for the judge presiding over Young Thug‘s RICO trial in Atlanta, Georgia. As The Shade Room previously reported, the trial kicked off in November 2023 after ten months of jury selection.

Since then, the case has gotten mixed reactions for its multiple mishaps, such as publicly exposing the faces of jury members.

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Drake & Meek Mill Share Sentiments For Judge Ural Glanville

On Thursday, January 25, Meek Mill took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and retweeted a video to his followers. The clip featured footage of one of Young Thug’s jail calls with his girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist.

Additionally, Meek shared some words along with his tweet.

“This a top tier lawsuit your personal call not suppose to be on the street!”

It wasn’t before the clip began to make its rounds on social media. Drake then weighed in on the clip by leaving a comment under the video, which was also shared by DJ Akademiks via Instagram.

In his comment, Drizzy referred to the leaked clip as a “form of jail misconduct.” Additionally, the rapper blasted the court for “dragging” Thug and not being able to control its employees.

Drake added that he feels someone is using Young Thug’s “personal business for their own gain.”

Before concluding his comment, he referred to the case as a “wash” and advocated for Thug’s release.

“This gotta be some form of jail misconduct you gonna drag this talented man then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain? Somebody benefitted from this video even existing and that’s shameful whole case is a wash just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta”

However, Drake didn’t leave his sentiments there. The 37-year-old then shared a screenshot of his comment via his Instagram Story with a few additional words for Judge Ural Glanville.

“Sh*t is disgraceful… is this a criminal case or Atlanta social media promo Ural Glanville?” he wrote.

To note, Drake’s following on Instagram reaches over 145 million accounts.

More Details Regarding Young Thug’s Leaked Jail Call With Mariah The Scientist

It remains unclear where the clip of Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist originated. However, an account on X, formerly known as Twitter, @hoodfamoustv_, has garnered over 7.6 million views on their clip of the leaked footage.

The footage appears to show the couple around the Christmas holiday. Mariah The Scientist, thanks Young Thug for her gifts and goes on to share how much she misses him.

Young Thug returns the sentiment before joking about how much she “looks like a rapper” with her new ice.

The clip then cuts as the couple’s conversation appears to get a little more intimate.

At this time, Mariah The Scientist has not publicly addressed the leaked footage of her and her boyfriend.

Watch the video here.

A Brief Recap Of The YSL RICO Trial’s Opening Statements & Mishaps

As The Shade Room previously reported, Young Thug was arrested on racketeering and conspiracy charges in May 2022. Since then, the rapper has remained in Fulton County Jail while continuing to maintain his innocence.

In November 2023, the rapper’s trial finally kicked off. But now without mishap. On the first day, Judge Ural Glanville revealed that one of the 12 jurors could not be located, pushing the proceeding back almost an hour.

Once opening statements began, prosecutors alleged that Thug was the kingpin behind an Atlanta street gang. Additionally, they alleged his record label, Young Stoner Life Records, stands for Young Slime Life.

However, day one ultimately hit another mishap when the defense alleged the prosecution presented information to the jury that they had not been informed of.

Ultimately, the defense shared their initial request for a mistrial.

Undeterred, however, Judge Glanville opted to have the trial continue. On day two, the proceedings went viral, with defense lawyers explaining Young Thug’s stage name and breaking down the meaning of “Pushin P.”

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However, the most shocking mishap in opening statements was when jurors’ faces were broadcast live via trial cameras. As The Shade Room previously reported, Judge Glanville appeared “very angry” about the mishap. However, he opted to have the proceedings continue while maintaining that he wasn’t going to “weird” jurors out.

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