Drake Responds To Metro Boomin’s Diss Track ‘BBL Drizzy’

Drake seemingly responded to Metro Boomin’s diss track entitled, “BBL Drizzy.”

According to All Hip Hop, the rapper quickly responded to Metro but hasn’t said a peep in response to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track.

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Drake’s Questions For Metro

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the rapper released a response to the shots Drizzy fired at him on the record, ‘Push Ups.’ He released the new beat on SoundCloud and challenged his fans to create a dope verse over it. The winner would receive their very own Metro Boomin’ beat as a prize.

Drake seemingly responded on social media, stating, “You just cheffed a beat about my a**?” The rapper appears to be in disbelief that the producer created a track about his cakes.

However, the original creator of ‘BBL Drizzy’ is a comedian who goes by King Willonious on X, formerly known as Twitter. He informed Metro that the sample used was made by him. The producer subsequently showed the comic love and asked his followers to do the same.

Roommate React To Drake’s Response

Many Roomies in The Shade Room’s comment section found his response comical.

Funny man Lil Duval left several crying-laughing emojis.

However, more people seemed to be concerned that he hadn’t addressed Kendrick and the pedophile allegations.

@themodelmandii asked, “Why he talking about everything but the pedo allegations????????”

@welovemelanyn wrote, “Drake you need to be in the studio, you addressing the wrong s*** right now Cause if you’re not trying to clear up these allegations, you definitely did them all.”

There were other Roomies who wondered why several rappers were gunning for the Toronto MC.

@only_i_can, “So no one find it weird that it’s taking bunch of grown men to take down one person???

@tammyallynn shared, “Metro Boomin pulled a smart move. He just put a music bounty on Drakes head for free. There’s about to be all kind of Drake disses trending. He told him to play some drums and Metro said “Say Less. That beat is [fire emoji] tho.”

Potentially, more good music to come?

These rap beefs keep blessing us.

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