Elderly Chinese Woman Plans To Leave $2.8M Fortune To Pets

An elderly Chinese woman is making headlines for her decision regarding her $2.8 million fortune.

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Here’s What We Know About The Elderly Chinese Woman’s Decision

According to The South China Morning Post, a woman with the surname Liu, who is based in Shanghai, made an initial will years ago. At the time, the woman decided to leave money and property to her three children.

However, since then, the woman fell ill and changed her mind. The outlet adds that her children did not visit her or care for her during her sickness. Additionally, they rarely contact her.

The woman has reportedly explained that only “her pet cats and dogs are there for her.”

Therefore, the woman has revised her will and insists that her $2.8 million fortune be used to care for her pets and their offspring after she passes.

The outlet reports that a local veterinary clinic has been appointed as the administrator of Liu’s fortune. Furthermore, the clinic will be responsible for caring for the woman’s pets.

The South China Morning Post reports that Liu has been informed of the risks of leaving her money to a clinic. Additionally, she’s been told that she can revise her will “if her children change their attitude towards her.”

“We told Auntie Liu that if her children change their attitude towards her, she could always alter her will again,” an official from the eastern China branch of the China Will Registration Centre explained, per The South China Morning Post.

At this time, it remains unclear whether the woman is keeping the alternative option in mind.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the woman’s decision. Some agreed with the woman’s choice.

Instagram user @ladyque_1 wrote.

“Her reasons are valid”

While Instagram user @tinybynature28 added.

“Money Or Not They Should’ve Took Care Of Her !”

Instagram user @lexijanay wrote.

“Should’ve visited yall ill mother. End of story.”

While Instagram user @itsssaniaa_ remarked.

“Fairs, entitled children don’t deserve nothing!!! Stand in business”

Meanwhile, others disagreed.

Instagram user @that_natalia wrote.

“I hate reading s**t like this. Even if her kids weren’t there, she had caregivers who did everything for her. They deserve that money more than the pets.”

While Instagram user @hunitdaysofsummer added.

“Thats pet-ty.”

Instagram user @_luckythebrand remarked.

“The question nobody’s asking is, What type of mother were you, that your kids didn’t even wanna deal with you when you were dying? Sorry, I have follow-up questions.”

While Instagram user @ada_chelsea added.

“Working in the healthcare field I’ve realized sometimes the children have reasons why they don’t visit their parents not all parents are good.”

Meanwhile, Instagram user @theresonlyonewillroy left a joke.

“I’ll take custody of the pets 🥹🥹”

While Instagram user @msdanadiaz added.

“Me dressing up as a cat for the rest of my life”

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“Shaq said it best. Shaq said, ‘If you want this cheese, you got to get to two degrees.’ Well, my two degrees mean, you know, postgraduate. So, they’re on their way,” he explained in an interview with Fox News, published in December.

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