Erica Dixon & Scrappy Talk Relationship Status, Bambi Allegations

Erica Dixon and Scrappy are settin’ the record straight on their relationship, abuse allegations, and more.

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Erica Dixon Addresses Bambi’s Child Abuse Allegations

The pair sat down for an exclusive interview with Carlos King which was published on Tuesday, February 20, via YouTube. Amid the hour and thirteen-minute-long conversation, Dixon held nothing back while addressing child abuse allegations made against her by Scrappy’s ex-wife, Bambi. As The Shade Room previously reported, in April 2023, Bambi accused Dixon of previously “bullying and two-piecing” her and Scrappy’s daughter, Emani.

“The reason I never liked yo a**’s because since your child was 8 she confided in me about you bullying her and two piecing her a**. I let people think otherwise and never spoke up because Scrapp was handling it with the court and she was underage,” Bambi wrote in a post shared via her Instagram Story at the time.

At the time of her public allegations, Bambi also shared photos of a police report documenting the incident.


During the sitdown with King, Dixon seemingly accused Bambi of “imagining” the allegations in her head. She explained that she has no relationship with Bambi and “never will.”

“Don’t like her. Never have, never will,” Dixon shared.

From there, she accused Bambi of lying about the allegations and only posting a portion of a police report to corroborate her claims rather than the full document.

“One, you lied — said my daughter told you I abused her. Then, tried to post a portion of a police report, so instead of posting an entire police report — which stated that the police officers spoke to Emani, spoke to [Scrappy] and she said, ‘I never said that. I’m not afraid of my mom, none of that. There’s no abuse.’ And my child was walked out of that house and given to me. And if you would’ve showed the full police report, it would have showed that,” Dixon explained.

Erica Briefly Speaks On Scrappy’s Ex, Diamond

As the conversation continued, Dixon remarked on how Bambi hasn’t shared any more allegations about her.

“But you notice how she hasn’t said anything else, right?” Dixon continued. “Served

. You gon’ speak on me, you gonna pay.”

At that point, Dixon leaned over to Scrappy and said, “I know Diamond’s address too.”

Carlos King then asked why Dixon wanted Diamond’s address, to which she briefly replied.

“Served,” she repeated. “‘Cause if you gon’ speak on me, you gon’ pay.”


Scrappy Expresses His Feelings For Erica As They Share Their Relationship Status

At this point, it’s unclear what Diamond may have expressed about Dixon that she’s not too happy with. However, Scrappy didn’t hold back on sharing his feelings for Dixon, which also appeared to come as a surprise.

“I ain’t gon’ lie to you, I love Erica,” Scrappy told King. “I’ve been in love with Erica our whole relationship — even when we weren’t in a relationship.”

From there, Dixon told Scrappy that she wasn’t aware of his feelings.

“You gon’ act like that? I told you. I been in love with you, with your face, you feel me,” Scrap continued.

Check out the moments from their pair’s sitdown with King below.

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