Fake Freckles Is The Beauty Hack Spinning The Block On TikTok

Fake freckles are the beauty hack that’s spinning the block, especially in these TikTok streets! Platform users are sharing ways how to achieve the perfect freckled face. And the RANGE is endless, from using a broccoli stalk to going under a tattoo gun.

On Wednesday (Jan. 24), The Shade Room reposted a viral clip of a few women showing off their tatted freckles. It appears they filmed their clips right after the tattoo process was finished. As expected, the fake freckles appeared to be red and inflamed.

Still, the ladies seemed happy with their results! Each of them offered some sort of a smile in the clip.

See the results for yourself below.

Meanwhile, in the comment section, the roommates offered their feedback on the look.

Roomies like @oh_she_badd88 suggested showing “a healed version instead of everyone fresh off the table.”  

@laiinix wrote, “looks like bedbugs having a meeting.”

@indeasepensable added, “Lord, I thought monkeypox was back, Lol.” 

@cuebanks wrote, “Tattooing skin imperfection is crazy.” 

Meanwhile, beauty influencer Abigail Jones (@abis_skicare) went viral earlier this month for filming a fake freckles how-to video using a piece of broccoli.

Peep her method below.


the broccoli freckles hack 🥦 #broccolifreckles #fakefreckles #makeuphack #makeup

♬ original sound – ❦

This Same Trend Had TikTok In A Chokehold Last Year

For context, fake freckles –like everything in fashion and beauty — made a heavy comeback between May and September of last year. They’re just having another moment in the spotlight now.

Last August, beauty influencer Kayla Caputo (@kay_caputo) racked up 4 million views on a clip showing how she places her freckles using makeup.

Some of its 1,135 comments appreciated the breakdown. While others reminded Kayla (and other beauty influencers) that freckles used to be the cause of bullying for people with real ones.

Sarah Casillas wrote, I love how freckles are a trend now. I was bullied my whole life for them.” 

Song added, “Every single video on a fake freckles trend has millions of comments from ppl who have real freckles and it’s so annoying to me bc this video clearly.”

Jillianm added, When you have real freckles and was bullied your whole life for them, and now it’s a trend and get asked where you get your freckles tattooed 😂😂”

Laceeeeee claimed to be an “esthetician” who “hates” the trend, adding that, “… pigmentation in the skin is a sign of unhealthy skin.”

Ultimately though, even some people who were bullied, credited the girlies pulling off the freckled look.


My go-to hack for saving a natural makeup look #natural #makeup #nomakeupmakuep #overboard #freckles

♬ original sound – Kayla Caputo

Aht Aht! Black Influencers Previously Tried Fake Freckles Too

The “mind our business” jokes were rolling among the roommates in TSR’s comment section.

“yourfav_a**hole wrote, “Mind y’all business Black folks this ain’t got nothing to do w us.” While @sua_ve added, “Y’all notice what color you don’t see up here.” 

So, @sua_ve is correct that no Black women appeared in the tatted clip. But during that popping time period last year, the girlies across the board were eating up the beauty hack.

And Black influencers stepped in with the missing brown-skin representation in the viral trend.

Keep scrolling to see how they showed up and out!


I’d give this a 5/10 for brown skin girlies! The vision is there and i do need to practice more with the application and the way i would do my make up with it! But if ur trying to achieve a summer glowing sunkissed look, i think this could help achieve that with the right application of both product & makeup! Is this a NEED? No but would it be cute every now and again? Sure. However $25 is a lot to spend for only occassional use. If you’d use this more frequently then i think that could justify the price. #fauxfreckles #fauxfreckle #freckles #freckletutorial #maryliascottcosmetics #waterprooffreckles #frecklesblackgirl #fauxfrecklehack

♬ original sound – emma🌸


fake freckles + contour with self tanner?! the girlies are onto something…..🫣🌟✨ #selftan #blackgirlselftanner #freckles #tanologist #fyp

♬ original sound – joya


Lol these were kinda cute im not mad ! #fauxfreckles #fakefreckles #blackgirl #freckles #fyp

♬ original sound – Raven


I loved the #fauxfreckles era of 2016 so having this easy product that shows up so well on black girls! #blackgirlmakeup #fauxfreckletutorial #maryliascottcosmetics #holidaymakeuplook #ebony_hd #lookgoodsmellbetter

♬ Pink Friday Girls – Nicki Minaj

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