Father Addresses Viral Video Of Daughter Being Gifted “Slim Tea”

A father who shares content of his family on TikTok and YouTube is now speaking out after a video of them opening holiday gifts went viral.

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Why Did The Family Go Viral?

According to TikTok and YouTube, the Edwards family consistently shares lifestyle content with their over 400,000 followers on TikTok and over 25,000 YouTube subscribers.

However, one video in particular garnered the family of six a viral spotlight.

A TikTok video shared on Tuesday, January 2, showed the youngest daughter of the family, Jaleel, who is seven years old, ripping open an Amazon package. Her three siblings, mother, and father looked on as Jaleel apparently hoped the package would contain an iPhone.

However, Jaleel’s excitement quickly turned to confusion when she ripped open the package to reveal a box of tea.

Jaleel turned the package to the camera as her sister, Jada, read its label.

“Slim tea? Really?” Jada asked, turning to the camera person, who appeared to be one of their parents.

As Jada returned the box to Jaleel, her excitement returned.

“Wait… I know what this is!” she exclaimed, eagerly ripping the box. “It’s something I needed.”

Before Jaleel could finish ripping the box open, the clip ends.


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Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly took to the comment section of TikTok. Many appeared to believe that Jaleel’s parents gifted her the Slim Tea.

One user, whose handle features a heart emoji, wrote.

“This actually is so traumatic”

Another user named Destiny wrote.

“Because instead of helping her cut back and watching what she eats y’all buy her slim tea??! At 7??! And now she’s in the mindset that she needs it??!”

Meanwhile, a third user added.

“This is so heartbreaking.”

Additionally, reactions also flooded in on Twitter.

Others speculated that the package could have been sent from a party outside Jaleel’s family. However, users still voiced their disappointment in the family’s reaction and recording of the vulnerable moment.

The Father Speaks Out

On Wednesday, January 3, Jaleel’s father, Lee, took to Instagram to share a video clarifying the circumstances of the viral footage. Lee explained that he and the mother of his children did not purchase the Slim Tea for their daughter.

Additionally, he said that the whole family was “shocked” when Jaleel opened her present.

“I just said it was tea. I didn’t know it was slim tea until they started saying it,” he continued. “So at the end of the day, I wasn’t even gon’ make it like no joke or nothing when I seen Jaleel say that she needed it — as long as the kid’s happy [then] I’m happy.”

Furthermore, Lee slammed TMZ for falsely reporting that he and the kid’s mother ordered the gift for Jaleel.

Watch the father’s full sentiments here.

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