Florida Judge Orders Kodak Black To Remain In Jail Even If He’s Released

Kodak Black‘s legal issues are only getting worse by the look of things. A Broward Circuit Court judge reportedly wants him to remain behind bars if released from a federal detention center.

Last month in Plantation, Florida, authorities arrested the rapper for cocaine possession, tampering with evidence, and improper parking, which subsequently violated his probation on a previous gun-buying charge.

Judge Refuses Kodak Black’s Freedom

The circumstances surrounding his incarceration have obviously been a major talking point not just for his fans, but for legal practitioners.

On Wednesday (January 10), Judge Barbara Duffy ordered Black, whose real name is Bill K. Kapri, to stay in jail if another judge was to release him, according to the Miami Herald.

As per the recent developments, even if the Miami correctional facility releases Kodak Black, Duffy plans to keep him in incarceration pending trial.

The 23-year-old was on probation when authorities arrested him, and Duffy has shown a keen interest in this probation breach, using it as a reason for further incarceration.

The judge’s decision to want Black to remain in jail even after his potential release comes from a perspective of ensuring law and order.

Kodak Black’s Attorney Denies Claims Of Kodak Being In Possession Of Cocaine

But the argument made by Black’s outraged attorney, Bradford Cohen, is that his client did not possess cocaine at the time of his arrest.

He had an active prescription for Oxycodone, which the officer who was inspecting his car at the time had mistaken for cocaine.

An officer accused Black of obstructing the path with his Bentley when he found him sleeping inside the vehicle on December 7.

The police reported that a strong smell of burnt cannabis filled the car, which prompted the officer to request Black to step out and conduct a thorough inspection.

The cop claimed that he discovered “white rock-like substances on the ground,” and alleged that Black had his mouth “full of white powder,” according to NBC Miami.

Court docs revealed that they identified the substance at the time as cocaine, reportedly weighing 4.1 grams.

Lab Tests Ruled Out That The Substance Was Cocaine

Per XXL, Black’s attorney argued that a doctor had prescribed the Oxycodone found inside the car to Black, and accused the officer of “lying” about his findings during the incident.

On Tuesday (January 9), Cohen said in a statement:

“As stated when this new case first was filed, this was not cocaine and the officer was lying about his observations. We finally got the lab report. It’s Oxycodone that Kodak had a prescription for and not an illegal substance.”

Cohen stressed that he would request a new bond hearing to prove his client didn’t possess cocaine. He also intends to underscore the officer’s improper execution of the search.

“Unbelievable and it will not be tolerated. This level of abuse of power by the arresting officer is disgusting. We will be seeking a new bond hearing and addressing these unethical practices by the police department.”

District Judge Jose Martinez is expected to preside over Black’s next court hearing, scheduled for January 22.

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