Florida Mother Arrested, Allegedly Tried To Sell Daughter For $500

A Florida woman is now behind bars after allegedly attempting to sell her 18-month-old daughter.

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Here’s What The Florida Mother Allegedly Did

According to Fox 35 Orlando, on March 5, a 33-year-old woman named Jessica Woods was seen loitering “around an unnamed business.” Woods reportedly was accompanied by her daughter.

The outlet reports that an anonymous citizen approached the mother. Additionally, they asked if she or her daughter needed any help.

The citizen reportedly worked at the business Woods was seen standing outside of. The anonymous also noted that the mother had been spotted there for a few days.

To note, the New York Post reports that the citizen was an employee at H&R Block.

According to the anonymous citizen, Woods explained that she didn’t need any help.

However, from there, the mother made a surprising offer to the citizen and tried to sell her daughter for $500.

Here’s What Happened To The 1-Year-Old

The anonymous citizen declined the mother’s proposal and instead offered to buy her and her daughter necessities. In response, Woods allegedly walked away and left her child.

“Woods told the citizen she did not need anything but offered to sell the child to the citizen for $500,” a press release from the Palatka Police Department stated, per New York Post. “When the citizen refused to purchase the child, Woods walked away, leaving her daughter behind.”

The citizen then took the child to the Palatka Police Department and informed authorities of the incident. According to the outlet, the department’s “victim advocate program” looked after the child until “the Department of Children and Families took custody.”

According to Fox 35 Orlando, the 1-year-old has since been placed in foster care.

Here’s What Happened To The Mother

The outlet adds that on March 7, police located Woods. Authorities arrested the woman and transported her to Putnam County jail. The 33-year-old mother has reportedly been charged with “child neglect and abandonment.”

Additionally, she is charged with “selling or surrendering minor for property or money, and three counts of child abuse.”

On Thursday, March 14, Fox 35 Orlando reported that Woods remained in police custody and has had her bond set at $255,000.

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