Florida School Threatens To Expel Student Over Mom’s OnlyFans 

That section says: “Any parent who intimidates, harasses, provides false information, or otherwise inappropriately interacts with staff, students, or other parents, in person, via electronics, social media, the internet, or in any other manner, may be disciplined, trespassed from campus, referred to law enforcement, and/or have their children dismissed from the school.”

However, Walender rejected their reasoning stating, “That doesn’t have anything to do with this because I’m not interacting with anybody.”

The School’s Statement About The Mother’s Job

The school told Fox 35, “While we do not comment on confidential matters concerning student enrollment, as a private Christian school, we are committed to leading students in a Christian lifestyle and promoting conservative, biblical values.”

In addition the institution stated, “Parents are expected to support such values. Websites or online activities inconsistent with such values would be a violation of our Parent Pledge and our Handbook policies.”

However, Walender says the ultimatum is unfair.

“I think you can live your life a certain way, and you can raise your kids a certain way, and you don’t have to put your moral judgment on other people that aren’t hurting you, that aren’t hurting your kids,” the model said.

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