Folks Reject Evelyn Lozada’s “Known Abusers” Note, She Reacts

Chile! Evelyn Lozada got a whole bunch of mixed reactions to her recent statement about “known abusers.” Social media users, in the majority, pointed the ‘Basketball Wives’ star toward a mirror, citing her past violent behavior on television. Now, Lozada is clapping back at the critics in a follow-up video message.

Her comments come on the heels of a week-long viral discussion about Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Cassie Fine’s former relationship. Last Friday (May 17), CNN released damning footage of the producer dragging then-19-year-old Casandra by her hair and launching a glass vase at her.

Diddy’s controversial apology — shared just two days after the video dropped — has elicited many reactions, including from male and female celebrities.

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As mentioned, Lozada’s statement alluding to the Cassie-Diddy incident seems to be gaining the same reputation as Diddy’s apology.

Here’s What Evelyn Lozada Said About Domestic Violence

On Wednesday, May 22, the 48-year-old took to Instagram Story to air her thoughts on abusers speaking about other abusers.

“Seeing known abusers comment on domestic violence incidents is unacceptable. If you’ve hurt others, you have no right to speak on these matters. We need accountability, not hypocrisy!!!! #HOLDABUSERSACCOUNTABLE,” she wrote.

For context, the TV star has previously shared her own alleged experience with domestic violence. She slammed her ex-husband of one month, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, in 2020 for allegedly abusing her multiple times in their relationship, per TMZ. Police reportedly arrested Johnson in 2012 for domestic battery after he head-butted Evelyn and left a gash on her forehead.

In 2020, he admitted that losing his “temper for once in life” cost him a “lifetime’s worth of work.” But Lozada wasn’t trying to hear that and instead said the bloody head-butt wasn’t the first incident of domestic violence from Chad.

However, as for her recent statement, it’s uncertain if Lozada is referencing her ex at all. The Shade Room could not locate any publicly shared opinions from Chad about Diddy’s recorded abuse against Cassie.

Meanwhile, by the time she shared the post above, Joe Budden had been trending on social media. In The Shade Room’s comment section, exclusively, his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose had accused him of throwing her down the stairs. She made the comment on a post about Budden slamming Diddy’s apology for the surfaced assault video.

In response, Budden also hopped into TSR’s comment section. Not only did he deny Tahiry’s abuse allegations, but he also insulted her, calling her a “failed gold digger” who has manipulated “many men” as a “con woman.”

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Again, to be clear, Evelyn did not specify WHO the “known abusers” she referred to in her message are, and Chad has seemingly swerved her message on his public platforms.

Social Media To Evelyn: “Right Message, Wrong Messenger”

As mentioned, folks were NOT here for Evelyn being a spokesperson on violence, despite her past experience. In fact, thousands of comments on TSR’s repost of her “abusers” message recommended she sit this one out.

That’s because Evelyn Lozada has been known to throw hands on VH1 amid other catty, violent behaviors like tossing drinks on other women.

TSR Insta-follower @abovehate wrote, “I mean she jump over tables to hit other women. She’s considered one herself.” 

@paradiseparis nicknamed the TV star, “Evelyn “Can’t Keep Her Hands To Herself” Lozada” added, “Isn’t she known for putting her hands on other people ?? Abuse ain’t specific to men and or domestic.”

Another related message she shared on her Instagram feed on May 17 features similar critiques in the comment section.

@annie.alice547 called her out, saying, “Considering your entire platform has been about tearing other women down and violence (even after you did all that boohoo crying to Harpo and Auntie Yanla…) you might want to keep to yourself on this one. YOU, yourself have traumatized many women and it is documented.”

@veta_vee added, “Interesting coming from a ‘woman’ who has mentally and physically abused other women. .. throwing bottles and glasses etc.” 

@mikemckinney00 kept it 100 with Lozada, writing, “@evelynlozada I love you but you were a violent woman and I’m 99% sure you were that night too. You gotta stop jumping on this bandwagon. It’s TIRED No one sees you as a victim.” 

@mzkneesee added, “Girl stop. Bullies and abusers are one of the same. Hold yourself accountable first before you try to talk about holding others accountable.”

Evelyn Doubles Down On Message In Video & Written Statements

There were some supportive comments, such as @gracesdaughter62 recommending Evelyn “take care of [her] mental health” amid the triggering viral talks. But overwhelmingly, people suggested Evelyn Lozada pick another battle.

Instead, she hopped on her Instagram Story an hour after her initial message and doubled down on her stance. To summarize her three videos, she said it’s been “tough…really, really hard,” reliving her own trauma after seeing Cassie’s domestic violence video. She reiterated her written message above and sent love to any surviving victims.

A few hours later, she tripled back and explained her ‘Basketball Wives’ behavior in written posts. Lozada expressed disappointment in the victim blaming online. She added that a “supportive environment that encourages survivors to come forward without fear” should be the priority.

“Being on a reality show where arguments and fights are part of the drama doesn’t justify or reflect what happened in my real life. Off-screen. I’ve never been physically aggressive in my personal relationships with men, though I have defended myself verbally when necessary. It is important to separate my character on TV from who I am in real life.”

She added: “I will never be silenced or ashamed for advocating for domestic violence victims. This path chose me, and I will keep raising my voice for every victim. Those still with us and those who are not. Their stories deserve to be heard.” 

Ultimately, Evelyn Lozada said “fear” will not “control [her] actions or silence [her] voice” and encouraged DV victims to visit her website for help and empowerment.

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