Funny Marco Shoots His Shot At La La Anthony

Funny Marco fumbled his chance with La La Anthony when he got all scary and deleted the DM he’d sent her in hopes of a date.

But there’s a backstory to how we got here in the first place…

Funny Marco Makes It Known He Feels Some Type Of Way About La La

You gotta have the guts to take to social media and ask your crush out. But that’s exactly what the comedian did in a video posted to his IG Story earlier this week.

In the clip, the 30-year-old boldly tagged La La and asked whether she’d consider him for a date. The ‘Power’ star, who hasn’t had a public relationship in years, reposted the video on her Story.

LaLa jokingly added a poll, asking fans whether she should entertain the idea of hitting the town with Marco. Before the Story disappeared, 77% of fans had voted “Yes,” per SportsKeeda.

But things kinda went left when Marco posted a screenshot of a DM he’d sent to La La. The message, shared on his Instagram on Thursday (February 22), read:

“It’s me Lala just wanted to see if you could let me take you out one day I know you be busy I be hella busy so let me know so I can pick a time…”

His intentions were made clear in the second slide, having looked up the phrase “How do you get a popular girl to like you” on Google.

“Don’t tag her y’all don’t be messy about to see if this work,” he wrote in his caption.

But it looked like Marco got cold feet as he deleted the message after La La had seemingly left him on read.

Marco Got Cold Feet And Deleted The DM

Marco assumed she wasn’t interested without even giving her a chance to respond. Shortly after deleting the DM, La La did end up replying, writing,  “See if you would have just waited 10 more minutes you might have had a date! I told you about being confident not scary!!!”

Marco was willing to take the L as he shared La La’s DM to let it be known he’d missed his chance with the socialite. “so i unset the dm then she dm me Her lost She was gone get some tax Money smh,” he wrote.

Roomies, y’all think he should consider resending the message to her?

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