Future And Gunna Seemingly Trade Shots On Social Media

2024 has been filled with a lot of drama, and it looks like it’s going to continue. Social media users are speculating that Future and Gunna are the latest to engage in rap beef after the two seemingly exchanged words on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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Future And Gunna Announce New Music

Early this morning, the ‘Mask Off’ musician hopped on the social media site to take shots at someone. “F*** yo album S*** ain’t slappin like my MIXTAPE,” he wrote. Although he did not mention any names, fans believe that he could be talking about Gunna, as both rappers will be releasing new music on Friday, May 10.

From there, Future added a few more words, teasing his mixtape’s upcoming release.



Social Media Users React To Future And Gunna

Following Future’s comments, Gunna hopped on X to share a few words. “F** What These boys talkin bout,” Gunna wrote. Later, he followed his remark with “Turn this s*** bac up Notch……!

Fans immediately jumped in The Shade Room comment section after they caught wind of the rappers seemingly trading words.

Instagram user @mesa_mese wrote, “So much aggressive energy in 2024. Everybody needs to go to church lol.”

Instagram user @itzkinglu wrote, “Its Future over Gunna just saying tho.”

Then Instagram user @galaxie__fuera111 wrote, “So they all agreed to beef to sell music like the rap girlies.”

Instagram user @tankieray wrote, “Gunna finna have the album of the year again.”

While Instagram user @_roblowe wrote, “Never seen so many angry rich guys man you ain’t gotta go to work bruh.”

Instagram user @4everchelss wrote, “Gunna tired of being humble. As he should. Cause why is anybody bothering that man?”

Future and Gunna have yet to explicitly mention each other. However, fans are patiently waiting to see what their albums will hold.

Future has not confirmed the title of his mixtape, but Gunna revealed that his latest album is titled, ‘ONE OF WUN.’

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