G Herbo Sentenced To Three Years Probation In Wire Fraud Case

G Herbo will not be facing prison time after admitting guilt to charges of wire fraud.

The charges stemmed from an alleged scheme in which he used stolen credit card information to fund private jet trips, vacations, car rentals, and purchases of designer puppies.

G Herbo Sentenced In Fraud Case

On Thursday (January 11), the Massachusetts District Court gave Herbo, whose real name is Herbert Wright, a three-year probation sentence.

The ruling requires him to reimburse $139,968 for the purchases linked to the accused conspiracy and pay a $5,500 fine.

In July 2023, the ‘PTSD’ rapper pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud conspiracy and one count of making false statements to a federal official in Massachusetts District Court.

According to a memo from prosecutors, as reported by FOX32 Chicago, they requested a prison sentence of at least one year, along with 36 months of supervision and a fine of $55,000.

“On social media, Mr. Wright boasted an extravagant lifestyle. He gave the impression that his use of private jets, luxury cars, and tropical villas were the legitimate fruits of his booming rap career as ‘G Herbo,’” Acting United States Attorney Joshua Levy said in a statement, per U.S. News.

“However, his lavish lifestyle was shamelessly built on deceit and fraud using stolen account information that inflicted substantial harm on numerous businesses, leaving a wake of victims burdened with financial losses.”

G Herbo Was One Of Six People Accused Of Running A Scheme To Commit Fraud

Prosecutors claimed Wright, promoter Antonio Strong, and four other individuals were actively using stolen credit cards and cardholder details.

The information was allegedly used to commit fraudulent acts against several businesses, as well as individual credit card holders. It was claimed that Herbo requested the promoter to make extravagant purchases on his behalf.

Prosecutors claimed that Strong used the stolen credit card information to make these transactions. He has since entered a plea of not guilty for the charges brought against him.

The father of three had allegedly made various demands that included arranging for private flights and renting luxury cars.

Court docs reveal that he faced additional accusations of purchasing two designer Yorkie puppies for over $10,000 and reserving a Jamaican villa for approximately $14,500, per the district’s attorney’s office.

In December 2020, the court initially indicted Herbo and the other defendants.

Shortly after, accusations came against the rapper for providing false information to a federal officer. He had claimed that he had no connections or affiliations with Strong.

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