Gervonta Davis Says Richer Than Floyd Mayweather (WATCH)

Gervonta Davis is raising eyebrows on social media after saying he’s richer than Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the age of 29.

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Here’s What Gervonta Davis Said While Comparing His & Floyd Mayweather’s Pockets

Davis appeared as a guest on a recent episode of the ‘Cigar Talk’ podcast, which was published via YouTube on Sunday, May 5. During the 13-minute sitdown, Davis mentioned Mayweather while speaking about his financial standing and a deal he recently signed. To note, the boxers have had a long-standing rift since 2022, per MARCA.

“Floyd… feel as though I’m at that point where I start to pass him,” he said about ten minutes into the interview. “And I’m doing it at a young age. When Floyd was 29 — you’ll see, bro.”

Davis paused on finishing his statement and instead added, “That deal I’m talking about — that deal? He don’t know nothing about that yet. But that’s bigger than his deal.”

The professional boxer ultimately explained that the details about his recent signage will be released soon.

According to talkSPORT, Davis recently signed a six-to-seven-fight deal with the Premier Boxing Champions network. At this time, the figure he signed for appears to be under wraps. However, reports are circulating that Davis’ deal is expected to be worth around $250 million.

MARCA notes that Mayweather also signed a six-to-seven-fight deal with Showtime in 2013. However, his deal was worth $200 million, and at that time, he was 36 years old.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Davis’ bold statement in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @thecliffthegift wrote,Floyd was 29 nearly 20 years ago the value of the dollar has changed, his 200 million deal at 29 was worth way more than your present day 250 million deal. Just be grateful of the position you’re in and thankful for your blessings bruh”

While Instagram user @whoiskaliburk added, “‘Floyd Mayweather Walked So He Could Run’… 🏃🏾 Tank Wouldn’t Have that Deal WITHOUT Floyd’s Hard Work and Breaking Barriers for US…. 📌🔨 We Gotta Respect Our Pioneers Who Paved the Way for Us. 💯👏🏾🔑”

Instagram user @goodworkcharlie wrote,Man I get the frustrations but acting like Floyd didn’t create the blueprint for all y’all young boxers to get money is nuts”

While Instagram user @rich_homie_torr added,Students should never disrespect the teachers”

Instagram user @randy_savage00 wrote, “‘Never Out Shine Your Master ‘- 48 Laws Of Power”

While Instagram user @boogie_p added,Floyd made it a get paid sport so it doesn’t matter pay homage. Tank my guy tho but mayweather got all these young fighter setup to get paid .”

Instagram user @dsa_boss wrote,It’s called inflation 🤦🏾‍♂️. TV deals are more lucrative. This is common sense. But WHO paved the road for these kinda deals? Mr. Mayweather!”

While Instagram user @thekyrahmichelle added, Why u gotte be richer than Floyd just be richer than you use to be and be grateful”

At this time, Mayweather has yet to react to Davis’ assertion publicly.

The Boxer Recently Made Headlines After Making THIS Major Change

As The Shade Room previously reported, Davis recently made headlines in December 2023. At the time, the 29-year-old revealed that he formalized his conversion to Islam.

Additionally, the pro boxer revealed his Muslim name and the meaning behind it.

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