Gizelle Bryant Says Friendship With Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Solid

Gizelle Bryant has confirmed — for the second time — that all is well between her and her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant. All the curiosity about the status of their connection comes amid his recent engagement to Pastor Karri Turner.

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As we last told you, during Sunday’s service, Pastor Bryant proudly announced that he had proposed to Karri. As the news spread, folks were looking for Gizelle’s reaction. For context, ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ fans got to see the ex-couple attempt to rekindle their relationship on the show. It lasted from 2019 until 2021, per Bravo’s ‘The Daily Dish.’ Additionally, they share three daughters, Grace and twins Adore and Angel.

Gizelle Bryant Is “Happy” For Jamal

Despite already congratulating the engaged lovebirds, Gizelle once again clarified that she’s happy for her ex. She doubled down on her stance during a recent TV show appearance.

The ‘RHOP’ star even joked that Pastor Bryant’s church was in desperate need of a first lady.

“Super happy for him and for the church. New Birth [Missionary Baptist Church] really needs a first lady. That’s important. And we need New Birth to be happy with Jamal cause he has a lot of tuition to pay. All of my girls will be in college, so all is well.” 

When one of the Fox 5 DC show hosts suggested Gizelle and Jamal are still friends, she confirmed, saying, “Absolutely, he has called me four times this morning.” 

But as “happy” as she is from Bryant and Pastor Karri Turner, she clarified that she won’t be sending any “gifts” their way.

“I’m happy for anything that’s gonna continue to make him thrive and be a good dad to my girls,” Bryant said.

Swipe below to see her full comments. 

Here’s What Gizelle Previously Said

As mentioned, the Bravo TV star already congratulated her ex-husband via social media. She wrote, “Congratulations! Very happy for you,” in the comment section of Jamal’s video announcing the engagement to his church.

It’s still unclear if the video was her first time hearing about the engagement or whether she already knew. However, Pastor Bryant and his soon-to-be First Lady warmly received the congrats in the comment section.

Jamal wrote, “@gizellebryant means the world to me! Thank you.” Pastor Karri Turner added, “@gizellebryant Thank you so much, gorgeous,” with two hearts and one sparkle emoji.

In his announcement, Bryant said his daughters are ” happy” about their union.

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