GloRilla Arrested For DUI In Georgia

Rapper GloRilla was arrested for driving under the influence on Tuesday (April 17) in the Peach State.

According to TMZ, the rapstress was stopped early in the AM on suspicion of driving under the influence and driving with an open alcohol container in Gwinett County, GA. Additionally, the 24-year-old was arrested for a traffic violation.

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What Caught The Police’s Attention?

Glo — born Gloria Hallelujah Woods — was not abiding by basic traffic laws. Instead of stopping at a red light, she reportedly made a U-turn. According to police reports, around 4 a.m. an officer pulled her over. The official stated the car reeked of alcohol and mary jane. The rapper did admit that she had been drinking that night, but would not elaborate on how much she consumed.

Big Glo said she could make it home safely, but the officer required her to complete a field sobriety test. The roadside assessment consists of the walk-and-turn, eye-follow test, one-leg balance, walk in a straight line, and eye-follow test. Law enforcement said Glo failed just about every one.

Additionally, officers claimed her boob slipped from under her clothing, and she had to be told to cover it up.

Glo was subsequently arrested and she had someone retrieve her vehicle from the side of the road.

GloRilla bonded out a few hours after booking.


Roommates React To Glo’s Reported Reckless Driving

Under The Shaderoom’s IG report, commenters held no punches about the Memphis rapper driving while intoxicated.

@_suckafreesi said, “Ngl the liquor on the head is insensitive lol she could’ve ended someone that night.”

@j.m.dor added, “This isn’t cute. Glorifying Drunk driving is insane. This generation is stupid.” 

“Pray my daughters are never this ignorant,” @_millianio wrote.

@xobritneyyyyyy__ said, “Ain’t s*** funny about catching a DUI Regina Grier,” in reference to Wendy Raquel Robinson’s character on The Steve Harvey Show.

Fans of Glo were disappointed but seemed to stick beside her.

“Yeah… I love her but drinking and driving will never be wassup. So many people have lost their innocent lives that way,” @abellebmore.

Others who have lost loved ones in similar scenarios were infuriated.

@xo_ashanti added, “Lost my favorite cousin from a drunk driver…Ain’t s*** funny about a drunk driving.”

One Roommate said the photo Glo posted after the incident with a Taylor Port bottle on her head wasn’t a smart move.

“Now when the judge see this don’t get mad,” @brittnaewoolfolk wrote.

Glo recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, ‘Club Shay Shay,’ and he drank wine with her for the first time. In addition, she tried the retired NFLer’s cognac Le Portier.

The rapper is known to party hard but Glo may need to slow down on the liquor before she prevents herself or someone else from seeing ‘Tomorrow.’

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