GloRilla Rocks Jersey With Her Name & Damian Lillard’s

GloRilla was recently seen sporting a jersey that combined her name and Damian Lillard’s reading, “GloLillard.”

As The Shade Room recently reported, Lillard’s estranged wife wrote the moniker in a post shading the rapper after her DUI arrest.

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GloRilla has her sights set on Damian Lillard, and it seems no one, including his ex-wife, can stop her.

The Memphis native wore a yellow jersey with orange writing on the back that displayed the name. She sported bright yellow hair to match. The rapper giggled after she showed off the garment.

Although the NBA star filed for divorce from his wife, Kay’La, in October 2023, it didn’t prevent her from seemingly shading Glo after her DUI arrest. As previously reported, the 24-year-old was booked in Georgia for allegedly driving under the influence.

“Free GloLillard,” Damian’s estranged wife wrote on social media. She also added a laughing emoji and the hashtag #sisterwife.

Social Media Reacts

Roomie, @atiaaddicted, speculated under the Instagram report of Glo’s new jersey that the two have definitely linked. “If y’all think that shot ain’t score, y’all are getting cheated on rn,” she wrote.

@jaee disagreed, “Somehow I just feel like he DOES NOT want her.” 

Another user stated she didn’t find the rapper’s behavior comical.

“Funny til it’s YOUR husband then it’s not,” @leathadon said.

Additionally, another commenter felt GloRilla Pimp was doing too much.

“I just dont see how yall dont see how Glo was dead wrong in this situation lol,” @victoriagrace commented.

Shooting Her Shot

GloRilla went viral in February for shooting her shot at the Milwaukee Bucks star. She took a pic with Damian at an NBA game.

The ‘Tomorrow’  rapper shared a photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, of herself and Lillard with the caption, “Who n**** did is? Cause I want him #GetEmGLo.”

Two minutes later, she tweeted, “Whoever she is can’t whoop me so I really dgaf.”

When Damian was asked by TMZ if he saw GloRilla’s post, he was coy. This left fans to speculate if they were sneaky links or if he simply wasn’t interested.

Are things really getting messy, or is this simply superb marketing for her new album?

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