GoFundMe Withholding Funds From Unhoused Man

In January, Sanai Graden made waves on TikTok. At the time, she posted a video going above and beyond to help an unhoused man named Alonzo Douglas-Hebron.

Additionally, Graden launched a GoFundMe campaign and raised over $400,000 to assist the man with getting back on his feet.

Now, the Washington D.C. student is embroiled in a legal battle with the crowdfunding platform. Graden alleges that GoFundMe refuses to release the money donated to Douglas-Hebron due to racial bias.

The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is now looking into the issue to find some answers on ‘TSR Investigates.’

Sanai Graden’s Selfless Actions Hit An Unexpected Turn Of Events

According to Carter, Graden now refers to Alonzo Douglas-Hebron as “Unc.” She met the man as she was vlogging an outing to Trader Joe’s and stopped to help Douglas-Hebron after he asked her for hot tea.

Not only did she purchase him one from Starbucks. But she also booked the man an overnight stay in a hotel.

“I always want to help others ’cause if I was them, and I was in their shoes, I would want someone to help me as well,” Graden told Carter.

In February, the college student returned to TikTok to share how amazed she was by the overwhelming response and support she received from social media users who wanted to help Douglas-Hebron.

However, Graden didn’t expect that shortly after Fox News would publish a report delving into the man’s criminal history. Douglas-Hebron had reportedly been convicted of stabbing a man in 2012. Additionally, the outlet spoke with a woman who alleged he brutally attacked her in 2020.

Fox News also obtained and aired footage of the altercation.

“First of all — kudos to the woman who did this. She meant well, and I do applaud her for that. I know it was a lot of work for her to do so, but [she is] portraying him as something he just simply isn’t,” the woman told the outlet.

The TikToker Speaks On The Issue With GoFundMe

According to Carter, Graden had no idea of Douglas-Hebron’s criminal background. However, she shared that she believes he’s on a path to “turn his life around.”

Additionally, the college student explained that she even spent over $3,000 on her credit card purchasing necessities and a phone for Douglas-Hebron.

Then, at the end of February, Graden made the startling discovery that the $403,000 she raised for the man had been put on hold by GoFundMe.

Scroll above to watch as Graden’s attorney explains why he believes the company’s decision is racially motivated and see what happened when Justin Carter reached out to GoFundMe directly.

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