Gucci Mane Releases New Song Rapping ‘No Diddy’ In The Hook

Gucci Mane released a new song called ‘TakeDat’ using the phrase “No Diddy” in the hook.

Additionally, LaFlare posted the music video to the song on his Instagram profile featuring a recreation of Diddy’s hot tub scene from the ‘Big Poppa’ music video.

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Gucci Drops His New Single

In his caption, the rapper posted, “All my day 1 Gucci fans drop a 🐐 if you want me to drop this today!! 

In a second split-screen photo post, he referred to the new tune as the “hardest song of the summer.”

The lyrics repeat the phrase “No Diddy” at the end of most of the lines.

We gettin higher than a kite, no Diddy (No Diddy),

See my artists double plat, no Diddy (No Diddy),

Sippin on yak, no Diddy (No Diddy),

Couple n*ggas got whacked, but no Diddy (Take that, on Diddy),

Keep the shooters with the strap, no Diddy (No Diddy),

More money, more problems, no Diddy (No Diddy),

Couple friends turned foes, no Diddy (No Diddy)

The 44-year-old’s fans had mixed relations. Some said that they missed the music he made back in the day. Others referred to the new song as disgracefully bad.


Roomies React To Gucci’s New Vid

@hazel_2.0_ stated, “Ain’t nobody been talkin or thinking about Gucci so he had to do something drastic.”

“This is so distasteful and these 🥷🏾 cank fake all they want now but they were all at them parties and at one point idolized Puff,”  @rudegyalshae.

“Read THE MF ROOM!!! Wrong time to try and capitalize,” @thestreesaid.

@loonytthem, “the 2024 chapter in the social studies books 50 years from now go be lit.”

@kayla_dapatra, “People saying bad timing are clearly not getting it…it’s actually a Diddy diss…and with the attention this is getting pos/neg it’s the right timing. beat bangs too.”

Check out the video below:

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