Hair Stylist Arrogant Tae Reacts After $1,600 Wig Install Goes Viral

Arrogant Tae is sticking by his prices regardless of any backlash! The popular hairstylist clapped back at mixed reactions to a recent $1,600 wig install. Spoiler alert: his price did not include the wig.

Here’s What Led To Arrogant Tae Popping Off

On Monday (May 13), a client named Ajatayah Rose on TikTok shared a montage video of Tae slaying her hair. The video was labeled “POV: Arrogant Tae is your stylist,” while the caption read, “Yes it was $1,600, no the wig was not included lmaoooo.” She ended it by saying she “[loves] her hair.”

The video itself was only 20 seconds long and showed snippets of Ajatayah pulling up to the salon, Tae installing the cap, blow drying and curling the wig, and taking a selfie video with his happy client! Less than 20 hours later, it’s been viewed over 100,000 times on TikTok.


Yes it was $1600, No the wig wasnt included lmaooo Love my hair 🥹🥹 #fyp

♬ Not Like Us – Kendrick Lamar

Now, it’s on other social platforms, and people have a lot to say, especially about the no-wig-included price tag.

The Celebrity Hair Stylist Goes IN

One thing about Tae is that he lived up to his name while clapping back at anyone questioning his prices. He took to Instagram to set the record straight on his worth as a hairstylist.

Tae didn’t hold the paragraphs back while letting folks know that him touching that scalp is an experience!

“Listen, I charge what I’m worth! N I could actually charge wayyy more than that bt I’m still making it affordable! This is beauty, I’m not just a regular hairstylist that just throw wigs on ppl hair n style it! Bt when I do your hair, it’s a full experience! I just don’t touch the hair, I make love to it, I will put all my love n passion into it cause it’s what makes me happy n it’s my passion.”

He also stood on his “top tier” technique and secured the wig “correctly.” Tae also added that he loves making women feel “beautiful” and challenged the haters to come experience him!

The stylist shared that, plus more, in a post on Instagram. In the caption, he shared that he’s in a lane of his own.

“Been doing hair since I was 12 years old! N wigs for 7 years!!! N I hate to brag BT there is nobody like! Nobody!! & don’t get me wrong it’s some bomb a** hair stylist that are good asf bt NOT TAE!”

See his post below. 

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