Halle Bailey Opens Up About Balancing Motherhood & Her Career

Halle Bailey is remaining very candid with her social media followers in sharing her experience since becoming a new mom. As The Shade Room previously reported, Bailey and her boyfriend revealed the birth of their son earlier this month.

The revelation came on the heels of Bailey keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

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Halle Bailey Gets Candid On Balancing Motherhood & Work

On Wednesday, January 24, Bailey took to Snapchat to get transparent with fans. The 23-year-old shared a photo of herself with her tank top lifted over her bra in what appeared to be a dressing room.

Bailey then added context before requesting advice from other mothers.

“mama had to pump! any mommies who breastfeed and go to work while having to take pump breaks? any advice for me? i’ve been trying to remember to pump but sometimes i just skip some sessions because it’s hard to keep up,” she wrote.

Additionally, in a post shared before that one, Bailey gushed over her “boys.”

Check out her posts below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their advice for Bailey.

Instagram user @lovejessie522 wrote, It’s supply and demand… the more you pump, the more you produce! Don’t forget to pump in the first 3 months so your body can get regulated…. good luck! And congrats!💜😊”

While Instagram user @milkymamallc added, @hallebailey pumping routinely is so important for your milk supply. It’s better to pump every 2 hours for just 5 minutes than spacing pumping sessions out and pumping for a longer duration.”

Instagram user @jakademik_md wrote, My wife be using that handheld willow pump, it’s pretty clutch, we just be talking and I hear ‘wooshu wooshu wooshu’ like oh I didn’t even know you were milking yourself rn, weird but cool”

While Instagram user @angelhookah added, Breastfeeding mom of four girls. I’m still breastfeeding, my youngest who is 2 years old , but she will be cut off soon, lol. The best advice I can give you is to try to pump every two to three hours so you can build your milk supply. Consistency is key. Best wish”

Other social media users appeared to still be a little upset over Bailey keeping her pregnancy private.

Instagram user @iluv_pynk wrote,Just google sis, we still a lil mad 😅”

While Instagram user @jazzalyse joked, Not you hiding the pregnancy now you want our advice 😂… Girl, we hiding the advice 😂😂”

Here’s What We Know About Halle Bailey’s New Journey

As The Shade Room previously reported, Bailey and DDG shared their son, Halo, with the world on January 6. At the time, the couple shared a photo of them holding the infant’s hand.

A few days later, DDG took to YouTube to share snippets of Bailey’s baby bump. He also revealed that Halo was born last year. However, they previously made a mutual decision to keep their parenthood journey private.

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“I’m a dad. I’m a dad, y’all. I have a son — I have a baby boy. He’s a newborn — he was actually born last year [but] we were just waiting on the right time to basically break the news or whatever. It’s been a lot of speculation,” he explained at the time.

Since then, Bailey has remained candid with fans and even opened up about her postpartum fitness goals before sharing an exclusive look at her maternity photoshoot.

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Bailey’s sister, Chloe, has also opened up about her sister’s pregnancy and becoming a new aunt.

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