Halle Bailey Shares Her Postpartum Body Goals (PHOTOS)

Halle Bailey is giving social media users a look at her postpartum body goals. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 23-year-old and her boyfriend, DDG, revealed they welcomed their first child together earlier this month.

Since then, the rapper has opened up about his and Bailey’s decision to keep their pregnancy private.

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Halle Bailey Opens Up To Social Media

Bailey recently took to Snapchat in posts chronicled by The Shade Room. Initially, the 23-year-old shared a current photo of herself. In the picture, the singer-actress sported a nude bra and black shorts and stood before what appeared to be her son’s baby carrier.

The new mother explained that she has yet to return to working out. However, she does have a fitness goal in mind.

“So this is me rn and I’ve [been] letting my body heal haven’t started really working out yet but I’ll show you my goal,” she wrote.

In her following post, Bailey shared a photo of herself dressed in a green, two-piece shirt and skirt.

“I wanna get back to being this size on my upper body but I wanna keep the meat i’ve gained on my bottom half because I like it,” she added.

Check out Bailey’s photos below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their thoughts on the 23-year-old’s goal.

Instagram user @itsrachelsimone wrote.

“you d**near there already boo, SnapBack game crazy😍

While Instagram user @not.fallon_ added.

“Take your time. Give yourself grace. It took 10 mos for your body to change to grow life. It may take longer to feel like yourself again. You have to learn your new normal. Sending all positive vibes!”

Others seemingly criticized Bailey for sharing her post-pregnancy goals while keeping her journey private.

Instagram user @kourtnee_lajoy wrote.

“Girl keep it to yourself like you did the pregnancy”

While Instagram user @ekeneolivia added.


“Don’t try to keep us in the loop now.”

However, some social media users jumped to Bailey’s defense.

Instagram user @prettyass.angel wrote.

“Judging by these comments she did just right keeping her pregnancy off the internet cause yall too judgmental & worried…”

While Instagram user @x0.anait added.

“I’m not understanding all the hate from people bc she chooses what parts of her life she wants to share. Y’all are not entitled to know a single thing if thats what she chooses! It’s giving miserable.😭”


A Recap Of Halle Bailey & DDG’s Reveal Of Their First-Born Son

Bailey and DDG revealed the birth of their son, Halo, via Instagram on January 6.

DDG took to YouTube a few days later to share footage of Bailey’s baby bump.

Additionally, he also revealed why he and his girlfriend chose to keep their pregnancy private, per The Shade Room.

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