Herbert Wigwe Passes Away Alongside Family In Helicopter Crash

Herbert Wigwe, the CEO of Access Bank in Nigeria, was among six people killed in a helicopter crash. According to The Guardian, the collision occurred on Friday, February 9.

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More Details Regarding The Fatal Helicopter Crash

According to the outlet, the Airbus Helicopter EC-130 departed from Palm Springs Airport in California around 8:45 p.m. It was in transit to Boulder City, Nevada.

Around 10:10 p.m., the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department was alerted of a crash. It was reportedly discovered that all six individuals on board did not survive.

According to The Guardian, this included Herbert Wigwe, his wife Doreen Chizoba, his son Chizi, Abimola Ogunbanjo, the former group chairman of Nigeria’s stock exchange, and the two pilots. USA Today reports that the pilots have yet to be identified.

Additionally, Access Bank released a statement regarding Wigwe’s passing and the fatal crash, per Channels Television.

“It is with deep sadness that the Board of Directors of Access Holdings Plc (‘the Company’) announces the passing of Dr. Herbert Wigwe… Dr. Wigwe died alongside his wife and son on Friday, February 9, 2024, in a helicopter accident in the United States of America,” the statement reads. “The entire Access Family mourns the loss of Herbert, Doreen, and Chizi. We extend our deep and sincere sympathies to his family and loved ones. Dr. Wigwe was a key driving force and a larger-than-life personality who brought his remarkable passion, energy, and experience to the transformation of the Access franchise since joining the Bank in 2002.”

According to Super Fest Film, Wigwe and his wife are survived by their three remaining children.

More Details Regarding The Investigation

According to The Guardian, witnesses have reported that the weather at the time of the incident included a mix of rain and slow. Additionally, they shared that the helicopter caught fire after crashing.

Furthermore, a press conference held on Sunday shared more details about what allegedly occurred during the crash, per USA Today. The helicopter reportedly descended from an altitude of 1,000-1,500 and increased its speed. It ultimately “impacted the terrain in a nose low and right bank angle.”

Additionally, reports that the helicopter was not equipped with a “cockpit voice recorder or a flight data recorder.” However, electronic devices and other onboard equipment have been recovered from the crash site to undergo analysis.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Tribune reports that the country’s Senate has called for a “comprehensive investigation” into the accident’s cause. Additionally, the Senate reportedly asked the country’s executives to work closely with the United States in the investigation.

A Brief Background On Herbert Wigwe

According to BBC, Wigwe founded Access Bank in 1989. Then, it became Nigeria’s largest in 2018 after it acquired its main competitor, Diamond Bank.

Wigwe was reportedly working to expand the bank across the continent. Additionally, the outlet reports that he acquired locations in Kenya, South Africa, and Botswana.

Furthermore, he was also planning to establish a new “banking service” in Asia sometime this year.

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