Here’s What We Know About The Cellphone Outage

Roomies, if you’re an AT&T customer, you most likely woke up with an “SOS” notification on your devices on Thursday, February 22. Here’s what we know about the network’s current outage.

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Here’s What Happened

According to NBC News, more than 32,000 outages on the network were reported as early as 4 a.m. on Thursday. By 7 a.m., the number of reports allegedly rose to 50,000.

Additionally, the outlet notes that the areas impacted the most included Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Around 9 a.m., the company took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to recommend an alternative method of communication for impacted customers.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that is happening and some of our customers are experiencing wireless service interruptions this morning. We are working urgently to restore service to them. We encourage the use of Wi-Fi calling until service is restored. ^JessieN”

By 10 a.m., the number of reported outages allegedly rose to 72,000. Furthermore, the blackout has reportedly affected Cricket Wireless and its users since the company is owned by AT&T.

According to NBC News, over 11,000 Crickets have reported the issue as of 9:30 a.m.

When Can You Expect To Get Your Service Back?

According to the last update shared via AT&T’s website, the company has restored service to “three-quarters” of its network. Furthermore, the cellular network is working diligently to restore coverage to its customers completely.

“Some of our customers are experiencing wireless service interruptions this morning,” the company’s official statement reads. “Our network teams took immediate action and so far three-quarters of our network has been restored. We are working as quickly as possible to restore service to remaining customers.”

At this time, the company has not publicly disclosed when it expects to have the issue resolved.

Social Media Goes Wild

As AT&T customers wait for the issue to be resolved, it hasn’t stopped many from taking to social media — via WiFi — to chime in on the nationwide incident.

Instagram user @__itsebae_not_ebay wrote.


“Me: 😩🤳🏾🏃🏾‍♀️🤔


While Instagram user @cocobrwnss added.

“Phone bill too high with At&T for us not to get any answers at least a statement from them about what’s going on.

Some have even shared how the nationwide outage has left them in a bind.”

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