Houston Teacher Accused Of Making OnlyFans Content

A teacher in Houston is making headlines after being accused of making X-rated content for OnlyFans while working.

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More Details On The Accusations Against The Houston Teacher

Quanell X, an activist in the community, spoke with Fox 26 Houston about the incident in a video report published on May 29. During the conversation, the activist called the incident the “worst case of teacher misconduct.”

“When this was brought to our attention… we couldn’t believe it could be true,” X explained. “When they said there’s a teacher making pornographic episodes and videos in the classroom during school hours, we thought it was a joke, it had to be insane. But we began to investigate it and we learned that it actually was a teacher…”

X explained that he eventually learned the teacher worked at an elementary school, which was “even more frightening.”

“I identified what school she worked with and I identified her by name… in one of the videos, she had her badge on her chest so we could identify her by name and where she actually worked,” the activist explained.

Upon watching the teacher’s content, X stated that he was “shocked” and “appalled.” In the content, the teacher allegedly exposed her body parts. Furthermore, X alleged that in one of the videos, children could be heard in a nearby room.


According to Fox 26 Houston, the teacher was terminated from her position before the OnlyFans accusations became public. The activist alleges that the school had “no clue that the videos had been made.”

Here’s How The School Has Reacted

KHOU adds that the teacher’s name has yet to be made public because “criminal charges have not yet been filed.” Additionally, the outlet asserts that an investigation into the allegations remains underway.

Additionally, the outlet reports that the teacher was employed at Lamar Consolidated Gray Elementary School in Richmond, Texas. The school district reportedly became aware of the ex-teacher’s OnlyFans content on Wednesday, May 29.

“This afternoon, the district received copies of two videos of a former employee allegedly recorded on school property. The videos were provided by a citizen,” the statement reads, per the outlet. “Our officers have opened an investigation and, upon initial review, do not believe that children were present during the filming of the videos. However, the investigating officer is working to verify the timestamp and circumstances surrounding the recordings. If the district finds that criminal behavior or conduct violating the Texas Administrative Code Educator’s Code of Ethics has occurred, we will engage with the appropriate reporting agencies.”

Meanwhile, the activist is calling for the former teacher to be banned from furthering her career in education.

“This woman should never, ever be allowed to be an educator,” X stated while recently speaking with KHOU. “This woman should never be allowed to work with children ever again.”

A Student In Florida Recently Faced Repercussions Over Their Mom’s OnlyFans Account

As The Shade Room previously reported, discussion of OnlyFans has recently made its way into the classroom. In March, a student in Florida was threatened with expulsion after it was discovered that her mother operated an X-rated account on the platform.

Ultimately, the student was asked to withdraw from the school or have their mother take down her account. However, the mother didn’t seem to take well to the ultimatum.

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