Hunxho Sings To Keyshia Cole After Drama W/ Gloss Up (Video)

Social media users are reacting to a trending video of Hunxho singing to Keyshia Cole following their recent drama with rapper Gloss Up.

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Hunxho Shows His Love For Keyshia Cole

On Wednesday, May 8, 9Mag TV shared footage from what appears to be a recent Instagram Live of Cole’s. In the clip, Cole sings along to Hunxho’s song, ‘Yes,’ which is playing in the background.

About two minutes into the clip, Cole flips the camera so viewers can see Hunxho rapping.

Hunxho continues dropping his lyrics before taking Cole’s phone and holding it to his face. Eventually, he walks over to the singer as the lyrics in his song pose a question:

“Tell me, do you love me like you say you do?” he sings.

Cole and Hunxho look at one another before Cole cracks a broad smile and mouths, “Yes.”

Check out the clip below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users shared mixed reactions to the clip of Cole and Hunxho in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @coopdajuice wrote,Ain’t no way she thought he was sent from heaven”

While Instagram user @thecliffthegift added,This is embarrassing to say the least but I wish her well”

Instagram user @gvnglala__ wrote,She’s pissing me off, she better not get in her feelings again when he do some s**t”

While Instagram user @deshawnharrisss added, y’all literally do the same shi she does but y’all not celebrities 😂 so y’all don’t get judged😂 but she does? weird”

Instagram user @goddesstingss wrote, I think this cute”

While Instagram user @iam_ariblu added, I love this for her yall hauxes mad 😂😂😂😂 get it keysha get it keysha”

Instagram user @arbrenae wrote,I cant say nothing because I been Gloss Up , Hunxho , and Keisha, before 😂”

Here’s Why The Pair Recently Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cole went public with her feelings for Hunxho in mid-April. At the time, the singer took to social media to declare the rapper as hers.

However, in early May, Cole appeared to catch a surprise after Gloss Up shared photos of her and Hunxho seemingly boo’d up, per The Shade Room. Additionally, Gloss Up even shared a brief message, calling Hunxho her “StinkaLink.”

“You Know What It Is In Real Life . 4L StinkaLink 🫶🏾”

In response, the singer briefly deactivated her social media.

However, she eventually returned to social media and aired out Gloss Up using Hunxho as her “sneaky link” while having a man she’s about “to marry,” per The Shade Room.

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In response, Gloss Up got to spilling the tea on herself and Hunxho, seemingly confirming their recent sneaky links.

“My Mom Taught Me To Respect My Elders…. I Was With Him Last Night & Saw You Crying Blowing Up His Phone,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Ultimately, Hunxho appeared to put an end to the back-and-forth between Cole and Gloss Up. Shortly after, the rapper shared a post of the singer,  and the pair popped out in Vegas together, per The Shade Room.

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