Ice Spice Gags Fans With “Fart” Line In New Song Tease (Listen)

Whew! Ice Spice has fans (and critics) checking their ears to make sure they heard her right!

The ‘Munch’ rapper teased a new track on social media this past weekend. But the hype surrounding the tease has less to do with new music from the New Yorker. Instead, one particular bar in the song’s intro is what’s causing all the online commotion!

“What the f**k imma say on the intro? You want me to say something so bad. Think you the sh*t b***h? You not even the fart,” Spice raps.

She continues her nameless comparison, saying she’s “quicker…thicker…richer.” Ice shared the snippet via her X and Instagram feeds on Jan. 7. Within 16 hours of the post going live, the IG post had pulled in over 11,000 comments and more than 670,000 likes.

Listen to the tease below.

Social Media Reacts To Ice Spice’s Song Tease

The 24-year-old hasn’t revealed when she plans to release the track. However, its intro is already making waves on social media.

According to NME, Ice Spice tapped her previous collaborator, RiotUSA, to produce the unreleased song. It’s unclear if the track will end up on her forthcoming debut album. But, the project will reportedly feature “New York drill vibes, club music, Jersey club” as far as its sound, per Complex.

For now, keep scrolling to see reactions to her “fart” bar.

Under The Shade Room’s IG feed repost, nearly 8,000 written reactions poured in.

@mocurlsss wrote, “TikTok gonna eat this tf up. I can see the hips and hands slapping from side to side now.” 

@addicchunsabra wrote, “All of her music sounds similar, same cadence.” 

@chris.christo added, “We just got to accept that this is for the kids born in the 2000s.” 

@aprnbeauty wrote, “I like her but Lawd I heard this before, same beat new year.” 

Over on X, the reactions were also popping off.



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