J. Cole Goes Viral For Beachside Photo Amid His Homies’ Beef

J. Cole is seemingly living up to the memes stating he’s chilling amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s diabolical rap beef. Complex reports the 39-year-old recently took a photo with a fan as he relaxed by the beach.

The photo of the rapper went viral on Wednesday (May 8). Social media users are stuck on the accuracy of all the memes speculating about his demeanor amid the beef.

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If you need a lil’ reminder of the “unbothered” memes, swipe below and then keep scrolling to see the now-viral beachside photo. 

Cole Poses With Fan Amid His Homies’ Rap Beef

In the fan photo, a young woman sits beside J. Cole in a grassy area surrounded by sand. Cole had his laptop handy and was wearing headphones.

She first included the photo in a TikTok video, claiming that she went to the beach to “clear [her] head” and “casually” ran into the rapper. Her video’s caption suggests the photo took place on May 7, 2024. The fan’s name appears to be Lale, per her TikTok bio.

This comes just two days after Drake’s latest diss to Kendrick Lamar titled, ‘The Heart Part 6’ and one day after a security guard was shot outside the rapper’s Toronto home.

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Watch the viral TikTok post featuring Cole below.

#coleworld #fypシ゚viral 05/07/24

♬ original sound – adriii💌

Social Media Reacts To Jermaine Chilling At The Beach

Could he be cooking up something? Maybe a track to encourage Kendrick and Drizzy to end the beef? 

Regardless, social media is eating up the photo! Countless memes have portrayed the North Carolina rapper living a peaceful existence as his pals spew the nastiest accusations over beautifully produced beats.


Cole Has Been Trending Since Exiting The Beef Early

As previously reported by The Shade Room, social media had a good kiki over Cole’s early departure from the musical battle.

Cole was initially all for the verbal wordplay. On his song ‘7 Minute Drill,’ he praised and clowned K Dot’s discography. It was a response to shots Kendrick took against him and Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That.’

Fans were exhilarated by the lyricist’s musical punches. However, Cole quickly apologized. Two days after releasing the response diss, he showed remorse while on stage at Dreamville Fest.

The ‘Power Trip’ rapper asked the audience, “How many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest mother******* to ever touch a f****** mic?

He continued, “Dreamville y’all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I. So, I just want to come up here and publicly be like bruh that was the lamest, goofiest s*** to me…it made me feel like 10 years ago when I was moving incorrectly.”

He later removed ‘7 Minute Drill’ from streaming platforms as promised.

The viral beachside photo is the first time we’ve seen the rapper in public since early March. After apologizing to Kendrick, he popped out in New York to support his artist BAS during his last stop on his American tour leg.

But while he bowed out early, Drake and Kendrick have been trading blows from the booth. Meanwhile, J has remained mum. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from going viral as fans wonder how he’s privately reacting to the intensified beef.

Despite initially ridiculing Cole’s decision to withdraw from the war of words, social media is now praising him as a wise man.

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