Jayson Tatum Shares Trending Status With His Son & Ella Mai

In less than 24 hours, NBA player Jayson Tatum has managed to secure three viral moments! First up is his championship win with his Boston Celtics team. Second is his son Deuce’s reaction to that W, and third involves pregnancy speculations surrounding his rumored girlfriend, Ella Mai.

Don’t just stop there, though! Keep scrolling, roomies, so we can spill the tea on all three! 

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the forward player and his teammates made history last night. The Boston Celtics sent the Mavericks packing to Dallas after winning by 18 points in the 106-88 game.

The W means the Celtics now hold the most championship wins in the NBA, snatching the title from the Los Angeles Lakers. In his Instagram Story on Tuesday, Jayson let it be known that his new nickname when y’all see him is “Champ.”

How Jayson Tatum’s Son Stole His Championship Limelight

When players, loved ones, and fans rushed to the court to celebrate the Boston Celtics’ win, Tatum’s son Deuce joined in.

Cameras captured the heartwarming moment the six-year-old congratulated his daddy with a huge smile and hugged him as he was bent over in happy tears! Jayson reacted by tossing his boy in the air as confetti fell from the ceiling. They embraced for a few seconds before the dad put his mini-me on the ground.

This isn’t the first time Deuce has been recognized for supporting his father. In fact, the six-year-old is a courtside regular, often rocking outfits colored Celtics green or a mini version of his daddy’s No. 0 jersey.

Watch the beautiful moment unfold below at the 1:50 mark.

In another display of father-son love, Jayson Tatum and his father also shared a lengthy, tight hug on the court.

Daddy Again? Here’s Why Ella Mai Is Also Trending With The NBA Player

Speaking of sons and daddies, let’s get into Jayson Tatum’s trending reason number three. Following the championship win, it seems the NBA baller and his crew stepped out to celebrate, and singer Ella Mai was in the mix.

Cameras captured her in the middle of a club setting, rocking a Jayson Tatum jersey with what appeared to be a round belly. The footage instantly sparked pregnancy rumors. Given the jersey and their frequent sightings together since 2020, fans turned their eyes to Jayson.

Meanwhile, despite the internet chatter, Ella and Jayson have paid the pregnancy rumors dust online. Keep in mind that privacy has been the alleged couple’s vibe for a hot minute.

Neither of them has ever confirmed their romantic relationship. In fact, in 2022, she told ‘The Breakfast Club’ hosts that she is “not one to talk about [her] dating life.”

It’s unclear how close Ella is to Jayson’s family. But it looks like Deuce is no stranger to the singer. According to PEOPLE, he and Daddy Tatum attended Mai’s Boston show during her ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ tour in 2023.


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So, is it giving Big Brother 2024? We’ll have to wait and see! 

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