Jess Hilarious Reacts After Called ‘Euphoria’ “Corny”

Jess Hilarious called Gillie Da Kid “corny” after he used the same term to describe Kendrick’s Drake diss record, ‘Euphoria.’ The comedian reminded the ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcaster that his song ‘Chicken Man’ fell into the same category.

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What Did Gillie Da Kid Say About Mr. Morale?

Gillie Da Kid — born Nasir Fard — recorded a video expressing how much he loathed K. Dot’s response to Drake’s ‘Push Ups.”

The former rapper sat in his car and said, “Just heard that Kendrick Lamar diss. I f*** with Kendrick, but that s*** was corn on the cob, man. You know what’s crazy, man? The light-skinned n***** winning three to nothing, man.”

Jess’s Response To Gillie’s Opinion

As ‘The Breakfast Club’ discussed the Cali rapper’s lyrics, Jess Hilarious was appalled that Gille would refer to anyone as “corny.”

Jess stated, “Yo Gillie, you had a whole song talking ’bout you was ‘The Chicken Man.’ Quit playing with me, Gillie. I’m so surprised by him…”

Charlamagne Da God cackled loudly in the background.

DJ Envy also said he was surprised. Since Gillie was a talented rapper, he thought the DJ would have appreciated Kenny’s artistry, stating, “Gillie is a lyricist. He’s a writer. He used to write for people.”

Charlamagne Gave His Two Cents

Additionally, Charlamagne held a different viewpoint from Gillie’s.

“I disagree with Gillie too… Music is subjective, so if you don’t like the record, cool. Ain’t corn on the cob though, Giillie,” the radio personality said.

Once more, DJ Envy emphasized that Gillie “wrote for Wayne,” so he would expect him to acknowledge Kendrick’s skills as a wordsmith.

The track, ‘The Chicken Man,’ Gillie created over a decade ago, featured him ferociously biting into pieces of chicken and sucking his fingers. The lyrics were metaphors for being a top d**e boy. The video featured chicken in various forms. In buckets, fried, uncooked, and on scales.

The lyrics read:

“B****, I’m the chicken man I get that Popeyes / Come and show with my paper I get you crown fried / B****, I’m the chicken man, I got that KFC / My n****** cook it up, original recipe”

Do you agree with Gillie? Or do you think Jess Hilarious’ assessment was more accurate?

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