Joe Budden Goes Viral After Going OFF On Co-Host (WATCH)

Joe Budden is going viral after a heated discussion with one of his podcast co-hosts.

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Here’s What Happened On ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’

A new episode of the former rapper’s podcast was made available via YouTube on Thursday, February 1. About an hour and forty-seven minutes into the show, Budden explained that he was “done” with his friends “painting” him an “uncharacteristic like and manner.”

Budden then remarked that his co-host, Ish, could bring his issue to air, or they could speak on it later. Before waiting for Ish to reply, the host continued.

“Hey, I remind y’all of my original statement… My statement was and is: me, Joseph Anthony Budden Jr., has never in my entire life tried to f**k something that I know any of my friends have f****d. That’s not to say that we’re not Eskimo brothers in some cases but I’m not intentionally trying to hit nothing I know one of my peoples have hit and I think that’s nasty!”

The host went on to say that Ish accused him of having relations with a woman he did not. From there, Ish chimed in to say that Budden “paints a picture” that is untrue.

As their exchange continued, their conversation became heated.

Watch the NSFW exchange below.

The Host Weighs In As Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly weighed in on the pair’s heated discussion on X, formerly known as Twitter. Many appeared to agree with Ish’s stance.

Additionally, Joe Budden even chimed in with his own reaction to the viral clip via Instagram.

“I hate the internet. Volume 82847483002948 😭🤦🏾”

Joe Budden Made Headlines Earlier This Week

As The Shade Room previously reported, Budden and his crew made headlines earlier this week after publicly discussing Draya Michele and her rumored relationship with Jalen Green.

Green is 21 years old, while Michele is 39. Additionally, fans have speculated that Michele is currently expecting a child with the NBA player. We can not confirm if that is true.

While discussing the matter, Budden seemingly accused Michele of taking advantage or preying on Green due to his young age.

“We’re not talking about his choices as a 21-year-old whose brain is not fully developed. We’re talking about Draya, in her 40s, having a baby by the young man whose brain is not fully developed,” he explained to his co-hosts.

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