Joie Chavis Slams Critics After Sharing Her Unborn Baby’s Gender

Joie Chavis took a moment to share a pregnancy update with her Instagram followers on March 26. The social media personality posted gender-reveal photos. She’s expecting her second daughter and third child.

She celebrated the moment by photographing herself in a sparkling pink dress while standing next to a white frosting, pink-colored cake. Joie also shared a film roll of sonogram photos.

Joie Chavis Pops Off On Pregnancy Critics

Some congratulated her on the update. Others popped off about other aspects of the pregnancy, including the unborn child’s father. For the ones talking about that part, Joie Chavis clapped back at the negative energy.

For context, Joie shares her first daughter and eldest child, Shai Moss, with Shad Moss — stage name Bow Wow. Chavis is also mother to a son with Future named Hendrix. She revealed her current pregnancy earlier this month.

Fans have speculated that her unborn’s father might be Trevon Diggs, 25, whom she confirmed she was dating back in 2022. However, neither Joie nor Trevon have confirmed or denied if they’re expecting the child together.

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On Tuesday, she stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section and let folks know she “wouldn’t trade lives with any” of us. Furthermore, she admitted she wasn’t “perfect” but clarified that she stands on her own two feet as a mother.

“At least I can take care of my kids ON MY OWN. Why y’all so quick to judge, how many baby mommas and baby daddies y’all momma and daddy got? Oh Ok! Pop it to someone else and leave me TF alone,” Joie Chavis wrote.

See the full clapback below.

Joie’s pregnancy isn’t the only expecting mother to cause some noise this month. Draya Michele ate up headlines after confirming she’s expecting a daughter on International Women’s Day.

Jalen Green, a pro-baller, more than a decade younger than Draya, has been speculated to be the child’s father — thanks to an interview and lil’ social media shoutout from a teammate. Draya, meanwhile, has seemingly shared messages addressing the criticism since the news dropped.

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