Jonathan Majors Explains Mentions Of Coretta Scott King

Jonathan Majors bringing up Coretta Scott King may have rubbed people the wrong way. But the actor is defending his decision by saying the activist was simply an inspiration to him.

ABC News had conducted a candid interview with Majors, who was found guilty of assault and harassment in a domestic dispute case in December.

Jonathan Majors’ Explains His Mentioning Of  Coretta

The Marvel star discussed his conviction and answered questions about his relationship with Meagan Good during his talk with Linsey Davis.

He asserted that the actress had “held me down like a Coretta. I’m so blessed to have her.”

While people were quick to criticize Majors for even daring to bring the activist up in this situation, Majors had good intentions by making the comparison, per TMZ.

“My intention was to convey my utmost respect for Coretta Scott King, her achievements, and both her personal legacy and the one she shares with her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King,” he told the publication.

During his interview with ABC News, he also mentioned that his relationship with Good was still fairly new. But he believed he had found his own Coretta in her.

The 34-year-old had previously evoked the name of Coretta Scott King and compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. during an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Audio of Majors’ statements was released to a jury amid his trial against Jabbari for allegations of domestic assault.

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Majors was ultimately convicted of two out of four charges of harassment and assault against Jabbari, per The Shade Room.

Coretta’s Daughter, Bernice King, Previously Chimed In

Earlier this week, Coretta Scott King’s daughter, Bernice, responded to Majors’ use of her mother’s name. Bernice emphasized that her mother was not a prop and highlighted her significant accomplishments as a peace advocate and civil rights leader.

Additionally, she expressed her disappointment with Majors’ comments. She stated that they diminished the important role her mother played in history.

Bernice took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and posted a photo with an accompanying caption that read, “My mother wasn’t a prop.”

“She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War,” King wrote. “Please understand … my mama was a force.”


Social Media Reacts To Jonathan Major’s Coretta Remark

Majors’ remarks received widespread criticism on social media for reducing Coretta’s role and legacy.

Many people pointed out that comparing Good to Coretta Scott King was inappropriate and disrespectful. Coretta Scott King’s contributions to the civil rights movement should not be diminished or overshadowed, they argued.

In addition to facing social media backlash, Majors has also suffered professional consequences over the case.

Marvel Studios has reportedly already severed ties with him following the verdict. Since the verdict, Majors revealed his plans to appeal, but the impact this will have on his career is still uncertain.

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