JT Releases Ext. ‘Okay,’ Social Media Comments Yung Miami Hair

Caresha recently took to social media to reveal a new look, and social media users are claiming she is biting JT’s style.

The 30-year-old posted a video wearing a blond wig with side-swept bangs that some say resembles her fellow City Girl’s previous look.

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JT’s Blond Ambition

JT posted photos rocking a long-layered blond wig less than a week ago. Additionally, the rapper laid posed on a couch and posters were sprawled across the floor. The images promoted her new single, ‘Okay.’ JT captioned the post, “Sexy Black MF.”

Furthermore, JT rocked a blond wig with fluffy side-swept bangs for the single’s cover. The bangs were large and the rest of the hair was cropped around her boobs.

Similarly, Caresha wore a blond wig and rocked a sexy black dress in her latest Instagram post. The Florida girl wore a long side-swept bang. However, her bang appeared to lay flatter than JT’s.

The rest of her hair was waist-length, straight, and bluntly cut. It wasn’t identical to JT’s. However, some social media users felt it was a blatant copy.

Social Media Reacts To Caresha’s New Look

In the comment section of The Shade Room’s post, people are claiming they are seeing double.

“Thats’ JT hair!”  Instagram user @___ncnm wrote.

Instagram user @__lozzzzybb_ co-signed, “Not the JT wig. Caresha is spiraling.” 

Yung Miami’s hairstylist even jumped in the convo to clarify the look did not mimic JT’s. @thetahamanii wrote, “Hair by me & Sorry JT did not do this style. Two COMPLETELY different styles.”

Social Media Slams JT’s Extended Version Of New Single

Meanwhile, JT recently released an extended version of her single ‘Okay,’ and fans are saying she could have kept it.

“She needs to un extend it,” @lottaacashhhh wrote in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Some fans speculated that this was Uzi’s girl’s response to Sukihana’s diss.

“Wait wait wait … ain’t no way Suki won,” @ms_autumstar said.

@d.castrooficial asked, “Is this supposed to be her response to Suki??”

The innanet dragged the City Girls hours apart. Hopefully, the ladies aren’t currently beefing and will lend each other a lil’ moral support.

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