JT Snaps On Sukihana For Throwing Jabs On Social Media 

JT took to X to check Sukihana for allegedly clout chasing.

VIBE reports that the City Girl claims the TV personality knew a line in her song, ‘Okay,’ wasn’t about her but tried to leverage the lyric to promote herself.

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JT’s Heated Response

In the track, JT rapped, “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/Cheap a** veneers, you stay talkin’ s***.”

Suki created a video on April 29, saying that she was “locked up when the song came out.” After the release of ‘Okay,’ social media users allegedly questioned whether JT’s drag was meant for Suki or another female artist.

As previously reported, Suki previously lost a veneer in 2022 after seemingly enjoying some crab legs.

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On May 2, though, Sukihana threw a couple of jabs at JT when she quoted ‘Okay’ lyrics, but seemingly implied that the Miami rapper dabbled in cocaine use.

“She pretty than a mufuka, but she be doing cocainnnn,” Suki wrote. In another X post, she added, “Y’all pray for me nothing wrong it’s just JT lips use to be so white.”

On Friday (May 3), JT was seemingly seeing red when she responded on X. She accused Sukihana of seeking public attention when they could’ve had a private conversation.

“& to clear the air @sukihanagoat you KNEW I wasn’t talking about YOU I would’ve answered quicker if you didn’t try to do a 2 for 1 special! I never knew your tooth fell out from eating crab legs you go viral for stupid sh*t daily & to think I’m scared of you when I’m a Zeus subsciber is SICK!”

She continued, “You kept writing me back to back you could’ve DM’d me but you was trying to distract me AND use me run your sh*t up so you can run a special for page promo sucka a*s h**! 

Additionally, the 31-year-old addressed Suki, stating that they were cool and that she attended her birthday bash.

 “You definitely was at my party UNINVITED always wanna be seen & heard a*s b****!” she wrote. JT continued, “@sukihahagoat I been supporting you never had a issue with you so why would I enter a booth & think of YOU? sewer p*ssy???!

The ‘Act Up’ rapper ended her rant, “And for all y’all maggot a*s b****** who wanted to stick that “clear the air” narrative on me…I never got on here asking nobody to clear the air I said don’t mention me if you were pushing a narrative BUT yall so far up my a*s yall wanna play dumb…I do not give af bout y’all h*es …read this again!”

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