Judge Judy Reacts To Viral Video Of Man Who Attacked LV Judge

Judge Judy is weighing in on the viral video of a man who attacked a Las Vegas judge in court on Wednesday, January 3. As The Shade Room previously reported, the incident resulted in Judge Mary Kay Holthus being treated for head injuries.

Additionally, the judge’s marshal, Shane Brandon, required 25 stitches for a face gash. He also sustained a dislocated shoulder.

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Judge Judy’s Weighs In To The Viral Incident

The 81-year-old jurist and former television personality sat down for an exclusive interview with E! News, published on Monday, January 8, via YouTube. During the sitdown, Judge Judy shared her initial reaction to the viral video of Judge Holthus being attacked by Deobra Delone Redden.

“I was actually shocked that this defendant managed to get as far as he did without somebody shooting him — it probably happened in a second,” she said. “…But I was actually shocked that somebody managed to get as close to her — on top of her.”

In the full clip of the interview, Judge Judy said Redden was like a “projectile.”

“And that type of anger and total lack of self-control is so dangerous,” she continued.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the former TV judge’s sentiments. Some appeared shocked that Judge Judy would suggest that the defendant be shot.

Instagram user @haleyslvrr wrote.

“was the SHOOTING part really necessary tho??”

While @chillwill_7 added.

“Damn, she went straight to shooting the black man”

However, others disagreed.

Instagram user @justinblu_ wrote.

“Truth is truth. Y’all acting like the lady told a lie; It’s common sense that trying assault a judge IN A COURT ROOM, can easily lead to getting shot.”

While Instagram user unap0l0g3t1cally_m3 added.

“Judge Judy gon Judy. Why y’all acting surprised that she said that? She’s always been blunt. She would’ve said the same thing if he were yt.”

Instagram user @ohsoyoubarb_ added.

“Listennnn she don’t GAF what color you are wrong is wrong and she don’t condone that shit IYKYK😭”

Additionally, some users shared more humorous responses.

Instagram user @boydbrown3 wrote.

“Judge Judy sounding like she tied in with the Mafia 😂😂”

While Instagram user @imrozburton added.

“Judge Judy woulda 2 pieced him so fast 😭😭”

To note, asserts that most bailiffs are sworn police officers. Furthermore, the Florida Sheriff’s Association adds that the bailiff’s duties are to “maintain order, safety, and proper decorum in the courtroom” with a “situational awareness of all movement within the courtroom.”

Deobra Delone Redden Has Received His Updated Sentencing

As The Shade Room previously reported, footage captured Redden, who was in the middle of being sentenced by Judge Holthus at the Clark County District Court in Nevada Las Vegas.

Redden was in court for an attempted battery charge with substantial bodily harm.

The man’s attorney reportedly advocated for him to receive probation in the case. However, due to Redden’s past criminal record, Holthus wasn’t going for it.

“I appreciate that, but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else,” the judge responded. “Because I just can’t with that history.”

The viral incident then ensued.

After the incident, Redden’s original charge was piled on by seven battery charges and six felonies, which included “disregard for the safety of person/property, coercion with force or threat, and intimidating public officers/others,” per The Shade Room.

According to AP News, the sentencing for Redden’s original battery charge was given by Judge Holthus on Monday, January 8.

“I want to make it clear I am not changing or modifying the sentence I was in the process of imposing last week before I was interrupted by the defendant’s actions,” the judge told the courtroom.

The man will serve up to four years in prison. However, the outlet notes that he could be paroled in 19 months, depending on his behavior while incarcerated.

Redden is reportedly scheduled to appear before a judge on Tuesday, January 9, to receive sentencing for his 15 new criminal charges.

AP News reports that his sentencing could cause him to serve “decades” in prison.

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