Kaalan Walker Gives Update From Prison Amid 50-Year Sentence

‘Superfly’ actor Kaalan Walker has shared an update on his life in prison.

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Kaalan Gives Update From Prison

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Kaalan Walker has been in prison for two and a half years following his 2022 conviction for multiple sexual assault crimes. A jury found Walker guilty and sentenced him to 50 years in prison in October 2022.

On Thursday (June 21), Walker shared a lengthy Instagram message about his accomplishments behind bars. He told his followers about his new educational achievements and the leadership roles he has assumed.

“Currently serving a 50 years to life sentence in prison. After 2 1/2 years on the inside, here’s what’s going on. I currently have passed 6 college courses with straight A’s, I’m currently on track to receive my masters degree in sociology, psychology and communications. I am a current leader and speaker for an NA and AA group, which helps incarcerated inmates get and stay off drugs and alcohol in prison. I’m currently a lead speaker of a group called ‘Fatherless Fathers’, where I coach and teach other inmates of all races and ages how to deal with the trauma of growing up without a father.”

Kaalan also included a motivated message for his readers.

“If I am motivating myself to keep going in here, you can do the same out there. Despite your current situation, always remember that God has the final say. Stay resilient.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Walker’s message in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @mikepeks wrote, “Sexual assault criminals should not be allowed to do anything in prison but suffer since the victims are scarred for life”

While Instagram user @jaylapaige_ added, “Dear youngstas, you can do all that he’s doing free. You can go to college you can get your barbers license. You can be a good person on the outside. Prison shouldn’t be where are you Learn how to be a good person.”

Instagram user @itssunnyagain___ wrote, “Did you learn anything about how to respect women?”

While Instagram user @starships.72 added, “So inmates get to do a masters degree for free but the rest of us have to go into crippling debt for an education?”

Instagram user @houstangeles wrote, “Don’t nobody gaf about you having fun in prison!”

More Details On Kaalan’s Trial & Prison Sentence

Per The Shade Room, As a result of Walker’s crimes, Judge Joseph Brandolino ordered him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Three of the individuals he victimized were 16-year-old aspiring models. From 2013 until late 2018, Walker engaged in what prosecutors characterized as “sophisticated” sexual assaults against the seventh woman. He was convicted by a jury in April 2022 for his crimes.

In her closing argument, Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace referred to Kaalan as a “serial rapist” who falsely invoked Drake’s name with most of his victims.

Following the announcement of Kaalan’s verdict in 2022, Kehlani spoke out on Instagram, criticizing bloggers who remained neutral. In the video, which lasted over a minute, she expressed her hope that the victims found peace after enduring such a traumatic situation.

Sydney Stanford, one of Kaalan’s victims, posted a deeply emotional message on Instagram, revealing that his acts had begun in 2017 and felt like an endless nightmare. She also expressed gratitude to Kehlani and Indya Marie for their support during this challenging period.

“This has been happening since 2017. It has felt like a never-ending nightmare. I have been in survival mode for five years. It is finally over. May this be your reminder that justice IS possible. Your story does matter, and that someone will believe you. This will never happen again. To all his survivors I have and haven’t met, I love you by default, and congratulations.”

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