Kai Cenat Goes Viral After Losing $300K To 21 Savage (Videos)

Kai Cenat is going viral for what he did after losing a $300,000 bet against 21 Savage.

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Kai Cenat Goes Viral With 21 Savage

According to Complex, 21 Savage joined Cenat’s livestream on the evening of Monday, January 29. Things apparently kicked off with Cenat putting the rapper to the test with the “What’s In The Box” challenge.

During the segment, Cenat placed various items in a cardboard box as 21 Savage reached in blindfolded and tried to guess what they were. The challenge started off on the subtle side as Cenat initially placed a pineapple in the box. However, things quickly escalated, with Cenat placing a large iguana in the box.

But that wasn’t all. Despite the challenge being over, Cenat also surprised the rapper with guests — two snakes.

Check out 21 Savage’s reaction below.

From there, Cenat challenged the rapper to play him in Madden 24, an NFL videogame. Additionally, the pair decided to bet $300,000 for whoever won.

According to the outlet, Cenat beat Savage in an initial game. However, on the second go-around, Cenat lost to the rapper and ultimately forked over the hefty sum.

To the viewers’ surprise, Cenat reacted by destroying his entire set-up and abruptly interrupting the stream.

Watch the moment below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their thoughts on Cenat’s viral reaction. Many appeared astonished.

Instagram user @geishalee wrote.

“Lol lemme mind my broke a** business cause I would vomit if that was me”

While Instagram user @realestatenaj___ added.

“So now he gotta spend an extra whatever to replace it all???? Yeah he’s special 😵‍💫”

Instagram user @teesanderscomedy joked.

“Can’t even afford to get mad.”

While Instagram user @punknpearlz wrote.

“Gonna cost even more to replace all that stuff now 😂”

Instagram user @meke917 remarked.

“I spent $10 on lottery scratchers and didn’t win a penny and I was ready to call out of work so $300k would have had me trying to see Uncle Charlie at the Crossroads😂😂”

While Instagram user @cee_addicts added.

“Damn Kai u coulda threw ya phone instead 😂”

The Streamer Has Recently Been Making Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Kai Cenat has recently been making headlines alongside various celebrities. In December, the 22-year-old live-streamed with Nicki Minaj amid the release of her album, ‘Pink Friday 2.’

The rapper’s appearance on Cenat’s stream ultimately gave way to many viral moments.

However, not everyone was a fan of Cenat’s stream with Minaj. Shortly after, journalist Elliot Wilson took to social media to seemingly mock Minaj’s appearance with Cenat.

Wilson seemed to refer to their link-up as inauthentic “hip-hop journalism.”

At the time, Wilson’s words prompted a response from Minaj while Cenat remained silent.

However, soon after, Wilson shared an apology for Cenat.

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