Kanye West Trademarks Phrase Inspired By Bianca Censori Post

Kanye West has made a move to secure a Bianca Censori-inspired trademark, indicating a potential new venture to expanding his creative empire.

On Saturday (January 13), Ye took to his Instagram Story to repost an Instagram post from the account @kanyewestaurant_.

Kanye West Files Bianca Censori-Inspired Trademark

The post showed a screenshot of the trademark filing for the phrase, “I miss you when I wake up before you.”

Roomies, you may recall West using the expression as his caption for one of his tribute posts to Censori last week when she celebrated her 29th birthday.

The move could signify Ye’s intention to delve deeper into the world of fashion, potentially creating a new line or brand inspired by the rapper’s wife.

Censori has been noted as a source of inspiration for West for quite some time, particularly as far as fashion is concerned.

Kanye Reportedly Hired A Team Dedicated To Creating Bianca’s Outfits

Back in September, Page Six reported how West had hired a team to help style Censori, who had worn many of their creations throughout their trip to Europe and Japan last year.

The father of four assembled a crew responsible for making Censori’s eye-catching outfits in a turnaround time of just one day.

This covert team, composed of talented designers and stylists handpicked by Mr. West himself, had reportedly worked tirelessly behind the scenes to craft outfits that mirror Censori’s artistic vision, per the publication.

“Anything he wants to make, they can make it. He’s really just making it on the spot,” said Mowalola Ogunlesi, who worked with Ye on his 2020 Yeezy Gap collaboration.

“They design it and have an in-house team that creates everything in a day,” another designer and frequent collaborator of West, who wanted to remain anonymous, added.

The team is believed to operate from Italy and is responsible for most of the designs Censori has worn in recent months, carefully selected by Ye.

Kanye West’s Sweet Birthday Posts To His Wife

On the day of the birthday celebration on January 6, West went above and beyond to shower Censori with love, making sure she knew the depth of his feelings for her.

In one of his many posts, Ye, who usually keeps his personal life away from social media, wrote in part, “I love you so much,” and coupled it with a montage of memories.

The heartfelt message was not only a public declaration of his love but also a reflection of his respect for Censori, whom he credited for holding him down during a time when many turned their backs on him.

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad fun iconic muse inspirational talented artist masters degree in architecture 140 IQ loving by my side everyday when half the world turned their backs on me and the most amazing step mom to our children.”

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